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Make a Difference
By helping us to get millions of Black people buying from Black-owned businesses, we can bring massive wealth to the Black community. With economic power, we can open our own schools and businesses, create millions of jobs, and end unemployment, poverty and crime. Together, we can turn our Black communities into wealthy paradises on earth.
Our Problems Stem From A Lack Of Money

Almost all the problems we have today as a Black community, stem from a lack of money. Poverty, homelessness, poor education and poor health care all are a result of a lack of economic resources. Even problems like widespread crime, drug addiction, police brutality and over-incarceration all have their roots in a lack of wealth. These problems just don't exist in wealthy communities.

Money and jobs are generated by businesses that sell products and services. If our communities have no prosperous businesses, we have no jobs, no wealth and no hope for a better future.

The solution is clear. We must build prosperous businesses in our own communities, just like other races have done. We must support our businesses and create jobs and wealth for our own race. With wealth comes power and resources, which will result in real change. These problems will disappear.

Protesting Alone Won't Solve Our Problems

As a race, we are experiencing frequent injustice. These acts of brutality remind us that all is not well. We are frustrated. We are angry. We are fed up. When these terrible things happen, we instinctively mobilize to do something about it. In order to show our frustration, we protest, in hopes that the injustice will stop and justice will be served.

What we must realize is that protesting alone won't solve our problems, because the real source of our problems is a lack of money. Bullies only pick on the weak. Frequent injustice only happens to the poor.

Wealthy White, Asian and even Jewish communities, don't experience these problems. They have legal teams to handle issues that may arise. They donate millions to political campaigns of mayors, judges, police chiefs, district attorneys, etc. The politicians and the police departments work for them.

By creating massive wealth, we too can rise above frequent injustice and our other problems, just like other races have done.
Buying Black Is Changing Everything

As a race, we generate $1.3 trillion in buying power each year and growing. That's enough money to create over a million new, Black millionaires every year. Currently, we are spending 97% of our money with other races. That leaves very little wealth for our own race. By buying from Black-owned businesses consistently, we are creating real wealth in Black community. As the movement continues to grow, we can use that wealth to:

  • put millions of our own people back to work and into business
  • build our own schools and universities to solve our education problems
  • ensure top-of-the-line educations for millions of our people
  • build new homes in our own communities
  • turn our poor communities into wealthy communities
  • build grocery store chains, hotels and banks that span the globe
  • and much, much more...

The solution is clear. Buying Black is changing EVERYTHING.

Marketing Is The Key To Massive Black Buying

As a people, we sometimes wonder why more of us haven't supported Black businesses in the past. Sometimes we assume it must be because Black businesses are inferior, prices are too high, or service is not as good as those of other races. Though these challenges may exist in some cases, there couldn't be anything farther from the truth...

According to the 2012 U.S. Census, there are 2.6 MILLION Black-owned businesses in the United States alone. Many of our businesses provide top-quality products and excellent service. Our problem is not a lack of Black businesses, quality or service. Our problem has been that we have not known where to find most Black businesses. More importantly, we have not known where to find their top quality products and services.

The secret to solving this problem is marketing. As a race, we watch TV ads, listen to radio ads, view billboards and see online ads every day, but there is little or no promotion of Black-owned businesses. As a result, we only buy what we know... the products of others. By promoting the products and services of top Black-owned businesses, TAG TEAM Marketing is changing that forever.

Help Us Create A Great Future For Our Race

By becoming a TAG TEAM Marketer, you are joining the powerful team that promotes the products and services of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers. As you get your friends and family members to buy Black, you earn income from their purchases and bring much needed revenue to Black-owned businesses. By getting some Black people you know to become TAG TEAM Marketers as well, you can also earn from the sales they make. The more you and your team get Black people to buy Black, the bigger your income grows, and the more revenue you bring to Black-owned businesses.

By working together and promoting top quality Black-made products and services, TAG TEAM Marketers will bring billions of our own dollars back to the Black community and create an entirely new future for our race.

Take your life, your income and the entire Black community to the next level. Join TAG TEAM Marketing and participate in the greatest grass-roots movement of our generation. Become a TAG TEAM Marketer TODAY!
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