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Keys To Success
The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity features a powerful Compensation Plan where you can earn income by getting Black people to buy from Black-owned businesses. You can earn immediate and long-term income, while making a real, tangible difference in the Black community.
The Sky Is The Limit
With the TAG TEAM Marketing Compensation Plan, there is no limit to the amount you can earn. You have the freedom to finally earn what you are truly worth.
By sharing the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity with other Black people you know, you can build a team of Marketers. When your Marketers get their friends to Buy Black, you can earn from their sales as well. Earning from the work of others can increase your income potential.
The Perfect
Compensation Plan
Generate income in seven different ways with TAG TEAM Marketing's powerful Compensation Plan. Earn from the work you do and also earn from the work of others.
Earn From Your Own Sales
Refer people you know to this website. When they purchase products or services, you earn commissions from every purchase they make.
Earn From Your Team's Sales
Introduce this opportunity to others. When they become Marketers and make sales, you earn a percentage of their sales as well.
Earn "Residual" Income
Earn ongoing income month after month from Supporters (monthly purchasers) and Suppliers (businesses) that and your team you refer.
Earn QUICK-START Bonuses
Sign up enough Supporters and earn your first promotion in your initial 30 days as a Marketer to earn a cash bonus.
Earn Business Bonuses
Refer Black-owned businesses that become Suppliers and earn up-front cash bonuses when they sign up.
Earn Leadership Bonuses
After achieveing a leadership position, earn cash bonuses every time you help new Marketers get off to a good start.
Share In Cash Bonus Pools
Earn the top position and then qualify for cash bonus pools where you earn a percentage of ALL SALES made by Marketers nationwide.
It Pays To Be
A Marketer
We've sent out thousands of commission checks to Black familes all over the United States. Become a TAG TEAM Marketer, encourage Black people you know to buy from the Buy Black Movement and earn a percentage of every purchase they make.
Once every 50 years, a movement comes along that takes our race to the next level. 100 years ago, it was the Marcus Garvey Movement. 50 years ago, it was the Civil Rights Movement. Today, it's the Buy Black Movement. Now is your chance to become a part of the greatest grass-roots movement of our generation. Help take our community to a completely new level and create long-term wealth for your family at the same time.
Take your life, your income and the entire Black community to the next level. Join TAG TEAM Marketing and participate in the greatest grass-roots movement of our generation. Become a TAG TEAM Marketer TODAY!
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