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Keys To Success
We provide extensive training and support for members of the TAG TEAM Marketing opportunity. Regardless of your location, you can learn how to build a successful TAG TEAM Marketing business and receive the ongoing support necessary to do so.
TAG TEAM Marketer Training

TAG TEAM Marketing delivers inspiring, motivating, informative and fun training events and/or conference calls weekly. These training events teach you the exact steps to succeed as a TAG TEAM Marketer. You can learn how to get your TAG TEAM Marketing businesses off to a great start, how to promote and sell products, how to build team of Marketers, how to lead others to success and more. These specific steps, if applied, can get your business BOOMING!

If the event is held in a city that you don't live in, you can watch the training event LIVE on our your computer screen, using our Live Internet Broadcast technology (see next section below).

Some training material is also made available on CD & DVD, and a library of training videos are available to Marketers online.

The TAG TEAM business building techniques were developed by TAG TEAM Marketing Co-founders Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano. The techniques are PROVEN by thousands of successes, have made many Black people wealthy, have generated countless millions of dollars and are used by thousands of Black people worldwide.
Strong Leadership

One of the greatest features of the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity is its amazing Leaders. As a Marketer, you will be able to learn from some of these amazing leaders.

Leaders are Marketers who produce and ascend to a position of leadership. Once there, they receive extensive leadership training. As a result, they develop exceptional skills at helping Marketers achieve success in the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity. TAG TEAM Marketing Leaders help Marketers:

  • get off to a good start
  • promote the Buy Black Movement & sell products
  • recruit other Marketers
  • and much more...

Working with a TAG TEAM Leader can greatly enhance your rate of success. Their guideance, expertise and support is priceless.

Powerful Online Tools

TAG TEAM Marketing offers many state-of-the-art online tools that you can use to build your TAG TEAM Marketing business, including:

  • real-time sales lists
  • customer lists
  • earnings reports
  • team sales reports
  • production graphs
  • lifetime sales reports
  • lifetime earning reports
  • real-time sale notification
  • member only discussion board
  • email support
  • and much more...

Using these powerful tools, you can view, track, analyze and grow your TAG TEAM Marketing business.

Weekly Conference Calls

Each week, we host a series of conference calls that you can participate in. These calls are inspiring, motivating, educational, and keep you up to date with the Buy Black Movement and the TAG TEAM Marketing opportunity.

On our movement calls, you get all of the latest news updates, event announcements and happenings in the Buy Black Movement. You can even invite guests to listen in.

On our training calls, you learn how to succeed as a Marketer.

On our live "production" calls, you can work with other Marketers and build your business in a team environment.

On our introductory calls, top TAG TEAM leaders explain the opportunity in detail and encourage listeners to get involved.

These calls are a priceless resource for building your TAG TEAM Marketing business.

Take your life, your income and the entire Black community to the next level. Join TAG TEAM Marketing and participate in the greatest grass-roots movement of our generation. Become a TAG TEAM Marketer TODAY!
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