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About TAG TEAM Marketing
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TAG TEAM Marketing is a Black-owned and operated company that specializes in marketing and distributing the products and services of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers.

TAG TEAM Marketing Office
TAG TEAM stands for The Afrikan Group - Together Everyone Achieves More. Our name sums up our philosophy in itself. We are dedicated to the upliftment and empowerment of Black people.
Our Purpose
The purpose of TAG TEAM Marketing is to bring the Black community into a condition of economic power. That means that we aim to help create so many prosperous Black-owned businesses, and create level of production so high, that the Black community becomes permanently wealthy and nothing, not even a bad economy, can bring us down.

We have come to realize that the only way our race will advance economically is by Black people buying from Black-owned businesses, on a massive scale. As a result, we launched the Buy Black Movement in order to get millions of Black people buying Black, consistently.

Three of our programs work together to make this happen. Our Black Business Network Suppliers provide the products, our TAG TEAM Marketers sell the products, and our Buy Black Movement Supporters buy the products. Our staff then ships the orders all over the world.

Tremendous Success

We have achieved extraordinary success so far:

  • We have united thousands of Black people to support Black-owned businesses
  • We have sold tens of thousands of products and services for Black-owned businesses
  • We have recycled millions of dollars back into the Black community
  • We have generated income for countless Black families all over the world

We have achieved all of this by working together... and we are just getting started!


Together, we can create a great future for Black people everywhere. Become an official Supporter and purchase products from Black-owned businesses in the Buy Black Movement every month. If you make a great product, become a Supplier. If you want to get on the front-lines of the movement, then become a Marketer and help us grow and expand the Buy Black Movement.

Ready to join the Buy Black Movement?

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