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Supplier Testimonials
Supplying the Buy Black Movement With Our Products
Has Grown Our Businesses And Changed Our Lives
Scroll Down To Meet Some Of The Suppliers
In The Black Business Network

Chike Akua
(pronounced Chee'-Kuh  Ah-Koo-Ah)
Imani Enterprises

Being a Supplier in the Buy Black Movement has been phenomenal. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and reliable. It has been said that success is a system, and this system works!

I am a researcher and international speaker. Being a Supplier allows me the time to do what I do best, which is to read, research, write, speak and create products. TAG TEAM Marketing does the marketing, distribution and fulfillment. This frees me up to put all of my energy and creativity into educating, inspiring and uplifting Black people.

I feel great knowing that the products I create are reaching Black people everywhere! That's because reaching Black consumers is what TAG TEAM Marketing specializes in. I profit from the sales, and so do the TAG TEAM Marketers who sell my products. As a Supplier, I am literally creating economic opportunities for Black people. We are raising capital and consciousness at the same time and I love it!

Erroll Paden
Nu Wash Cleaning Products

My product, NuWash Laundry Detergent is doing so well because of the Buy Black Movement and the TAG TEAM Marketers that are promoting my product every day. Watching NuWash fly off of the shelves each week is excitement. I feel like I am making a real difference in the Black Community. Furthermore, I am earning real money doing real business with my own people.

Thank you so much for all of the success and for making a dream come true for me and my family.

Melodie Bundrage
LUV & Company

Becoming a part of the Buy Black Movement has been one of the best decisions I have made for our brand. Not only do they market our products to the Black community, but they produce RESULTS. We have sold hundreds of products and received thousands of dollars in payments from those sales.

Furthermore, the Black Business Network tools are amazing. I can see all my sales, so I can make sound business decisions.

We are proud to know our message of being a healthy cosmetic brand for Black women is reaching new customers through the Buy Black Movement. Providing this vehicle to help us to spread our message of "LUV" is truly appreciated. Best of all, having our products generate income for us, the TAG TEAM Marketers and the Buy Black Movement is a phenomenal business model and the true meaning of sharing wealth amongst our community.

Julian Adair
Good Look Naturals

The Black Business Network is the best thing that could have ever happened for my business. When I started as a Supplier, I could not have imagined the growth that this partnership would afford me. Almost immediately the sales started rolling right in. Every month I look forward to checking the monthly sales number for my business. Every month I am pleased with the residual income for my business.

The TAG TEAM Marketers do a phenomenal job of marketing and selling my products. Their dedication has allowed my business to grow beyond what I could have imagined in the beginning. Thanks to them, I can count on my community buying my product each and every month.

I am forever indebted to the Buy Black Movement for getting my business off the ground and helping me achieve success. There is no other program like the Black Business Network for a Black product manufacturer. Their business model is perfect and their team is phenomenal. All I can say is just, thank you.

Nathaniel Turner
Onyx Sensations

Being a Supplier in the Black Business Network program has taken my business to a completely new level. I have grown, both as a business and as a person. My business used to be on a very small, local level before. Now, my my products are sold all over the nation and beyond.

I've always loved creating great products for my people. But I didn't like the time, money and energy it took to go various events and set up vending tables. Now, I have this incredible team of TAG TEAM Marketers who promote and sell my products for me. For a small business like mine that makes Afrocentric earrings and designer pens, this has been a dream come true!

The amount of products that I've sold so far in the Buy Black Movement, has been mind-blowing! Because of this, I now see even great possibilities in the future!

David Grissett
The Shepherd's Harvest

I have had the pleasure of being a Supplier to the Buy Black Movement. The experience has been phenomenal. I've learned and grown as a businessman. Best of all, I have enjoyed working with like minded brothers and sisters, while having fun. It has been a win win situation.

Through TAG TEAM Marketing and the Buy Black Movement, I have able to reach customers worldwide. This has been tremendous for my business.

Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano are amazing. Their vision to encourage creativity and to offer sound solutions to the problems facing our community is simlpy divine.

Oliver Long
Ebony Secret

TAG TEAM Marketing is the most profound program for Black men and women. I totally endorse TAG TEAM Marketing and their Buy Black Movement.

My experience with TAG TEAM Marketing has not only been a positive one, but a profitable one. Selling lots of my product and earning money is not only my desire, but TAG TEAM Marketing's goal as well. The success that I have enjoyed is beyond imagination.

Since the day I joined, it has been a great experience for both me and business partners, and my entire family. We all speak highly of TAG TEAM Marketing for what they have done for us and what they are doing for the entire community.

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