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Supplier Requirements
"we are a company on a mission... we are looking for the best Black-made products and services in the world, to market to the Black community."
  • ...to be the creators of, and own all rights to their product

  • ...to genuinely care about and want to represent Black people

  • ...to have good, low wholesale pricing for their products

  • ...to ship us enough products each month to meet the demand for their products

  • ...to be open to feedback and suggestions that may arise as a result of working together

  • ...to work with us to grow the business relationship into a long term, profitable one

Supplier Testimonial

Brother Oliver

TAG TEAM Marketing is the most profound program for Black men and women. I totally endorse TAG TEAM Marketing and their Black Business Network program.

My experience with TAG TEAM Marketing has not only been a positive one, but a profitable one. Selling lots of my product and earning money is not only my goal, but TAG TEAM Marketing's goal as well. The success that I have enjoyed is beyond imagination.

Since the day I joined, it has been a great experience for both me and business partners, and my entire family. We all speak highly of TAG TEAM Marketing for what they have done for us and what they are doing for the entire community.

Brother Oliver
Ebony Secret
2007 Black Business of the Year

There are several requirements and expectations of Suppliers in the Black Business Network. Please review this list to make sure you qualify to become a Supplier:
Supplier Requirements & Expectations

Black-Owned Business

TAG TEAM Marketing specializes in marketing products and services of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers. We are looking for Black business owners who have great products and services to offer to the Black community. In this program, we promote the Black business owner themselves as much as their product, giving our customers a unique cultural connection to the business owner that is a fellow part of their race, culture and heritage.

If you are Black and a business owner, and you produce and own your own high-quality product or service, then the Black Business Network Supplier program is for you.

  Accepting Black Business of the Year Award

Belief In Our Purpose

At TAG TEAM Marketing, our goals and purposes are the foundation of our company. We are working to bring the Black community up into a condition of economic power, by getting millions of Black people buying from Black-owned businesses consistently.

We believe that Black people are wonderful, beautiful and powerful people, capable of great business success. As a result, we are looking for Black Suppliers who share this fundamental belief and sincerely want to participate in creating wealth, unity and prosperity for Black people all over the world.



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Own Your Products

To be a Supplier in the Black Business Network, you must be the actual creator of the product or service that you want us to market and distribute, You must also own all rights and exclusive license to it. Furthermore, you must assume all responsibility and liability for the use of product or service. As a result, no 3rd party or private label products or services are allowed.

In the Black Business Network, we inspire the Black community by promoting our Suppliers as what they are, Black Inventors... creative geniuses... even heroes in the Black community. We promote you as the creator of the product along with the product itself, so that the Black community connects with you and creates a bond with both you and the product. This rapport between community and product creator can lead to strong sales.

  Dr. Anthony Gantt and Books

Top Quality Products Only

To become a Supplier, your product(s) must be of the utmost quality. We pride ourselves on marketing the very BEST Black-made products and services there are. This includes both the quality of the product as well as the quality of the packaging. Both must be exceptional.

We can also help you improve the packaging of your products. We offer design, printing and labeling services for our Suppliers, for an additional charge.


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Family Friendly, Safe Products Only

TAG TEAM Marketing only markets products that are safe and appropriate for all ages, and that uplift our race. So for instance, the following types of products are NOT ALLOWED:
  • alcoholic beverages
  • cigarettes, cigars, etc.
  • drugs of any kind
  • sexual related products
  • weapons or firearms
  • music or books with any curse words in it
  • products that degrade women, Black people, anyone or any race
  • body, hair, skin or cleaning products with harmful chemicals

TAG TEAM Marketing reserves the right to refuse any product for any reason.

  Family Friendly, Safe Products Only

Aggressive Wholesale Pricing

As a Supplier, you must give us two prices for each of the products you supply us: your wholesale price and your higher, recommended retail price.

We sell the product to consumers at the retail price, then we send you payment for each item sold at your wholesale price. We use the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price to pay various expenses including credit card charge and administrative expenses, most significantly, sales commissions to our Marketers who actually sell the products.

The lower your wholesale price in relation to your retail price, the more is applied to Marketer sales commissions. When the sales commissions are higher, Marketers can become very motivated to promote and sell your product, which may result in more sales. On the other hand, if sales commissions are low, Marketers may not become motivated.

To supply the Black Business Network, you must have aggressive wholesale pricing (we require that your wholesale price be at least 50% of the retail price or lower), so our Marketers have the best conditions possible to promote and sell your product.

  Aggressive Wholesale Pricing

Financially Sound Company

Your company must be financially stable in order to participate in the Black Business Network Supplier program for several reasons. First, you must be able to afford your monthly membership fee (if on a monthly installment plan).

Second, you must able to afford to produce more products each month and ship them to us to be sold. You should send us enough products to meet the anticipated demand for your product that month. In other words, your job is to make sure we never run out of your product(s) to sell.

Since you receive payments from us once per month for all products sold the previous month, you have to manage your money wisely and make sure that you can always afford to produce and ship us more product as needed.


Initial One Year Relationship

All Supplier memberships begin with an initial one-year contract term and continue month-to-month afterwards. This ensures that we will be marketing your products and services for at least one year. This gives us enough time to introduce your product to our members, get our members familiar with both you and your product, get initial consumers to try your product, get their feedback, and then, assuming the feedback is good,... use their testimonials to drive lots of sales of your product. In other words, the marketing process can take time.

When you become a Supplier, you must expect that it may take at least a year to produce a good return, and that massive success may not happen overnight.


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Can Grow With Us

As our members order and try your product, the demand for it may grow. As the demand grows and the sales increase, the number of products you will need to send to us to meet the demand, will grow as well. As a Supplier, you must be able to continue to ship us enough products to keep us adequately supplied. Hopefully, in time, both the demand and sales will grow to huge numbers each month.


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Attend Our Annual Convention

Every year, TAG TEAM Marketing holds an annual convention, usually in Atlanta, Georgia, where the achievements of the last year are celebrated, and the new plans and programs of the next year are unveiled. Black Business Network Suppliers, Consumers, Marketers and general members attend from all over to participate in this annual mega-event.

The event showcases the Suppliers and allows the Marketers and Consumers to meet the Suppliers personally, which can lead to great sales all year long. All Suppliers are expected to attend the annual convention each year.



Support Other Black Businesses

The purpose of the Buy Black Movement is to get Black people buying from Black-owned businesses, consistently. This includes Suppliers. All Suppliers are expected to be monthly Supporters in the Buy Black Movement and purchase products from one or more of the other Suppliers, each month.

When a Marketer gets their family member or friend to purchase your product, money leaves the consumer and goes to TAG TEAM Marketing, who pays the Marketer a commission and pays you the Supplier. It should not stop there. Both Marketers and Suppliers who earn money from the Buy Black Movement, should purchase products from other Black businesses in the movement. This ensures that money continues to recycle, both in the movement and in the Black community.

As a Supplier, all of your personal purchase points for the month are published for all members to see online. Keeping this important statistic public and transparent, keeps Suppliers accountable.

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