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Supplier Features
"The features of the Black Business Network are amazing. All of our inventory, marketing, sales, shipping and customer service is taken care of for us, while generating us income. It's just incredible."
  • have your products promoted to over 77,000 Black Business Network members

  • our marketing team will be able to promote your products to their family members and friends
  • our staff will accept phone orders, mail orders, fax orders and online orders for your product(s)

  • our staff will inventory and ship your products from our facility, directly to Black consumers

  • our staff will handle customer service

  • receive payments for every one of your products that we sell
The Black Business Network offers many exciting features that can help get your products sold to our ever-growing Black audience.

Depending on the level of Supplier membership you choose, you can take advantage of some or all of the powerful features listed below:
Marketing Features
Distribution Features
Online Features
Live Event Features

Marketing Features

Products Listed In Online Store

The products that you ship to us can be offered for sale in our online store. Your product listing will feature a reasonable amount of information about your product, a photo of your product, and a tool to select any variations of the product (size, color, style, etc). Your product listing can also feature a video commercial that promotes and demonstrates your product in action.

Customers will be able to purchase your product online with a credit card and have it shipped directly to their door. When a sale is processed, you are notified immediately via email, and the details of the order are available for viewing in your back office.

Online Store

Team Selling For You

Perhaps the greatest feature of your Supplier membership in the Black Business Network program is that the members of the ever-growing TAG TEAM Marketing team promote and sell your products for you.

The TAG TEAM Marketers (members of the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity) earn money every time they sell one of your products. Marketers tell their friends, family members and associates about the Buy Black Movement and encourage them to purchase products.

By making your product(s) available to the TAG TEAM Marketing team, you instantly gain lots of motivated Black people talking about your product, just as passionately as you do. By sheer numbers, this can result in more sales of your product than you can possibly make on your own. This can result in great profits for you.

TAG TEAM Marketers

Exclusive Sale Days

Our nationwide team of TAG TEAM Marketers promote a variety of products and services to their family members, friends and associates, and encourage them to make purchases. We can schedule a special sale day where all TAG TEAM Marketers are encouraged to sell one product only... your product.

On this special day, we can offer your product(s) at a discount (for example: save 10% off lotion today) or we can bundle several of your products together for a "bundle discount" (for example: buy body wash and lotion today and save 10%). On this Exclusive Sale Day, your product(s) can receive massive promotion that can lead to great sales.

Exclusive Sale Days are a premium feature available to Suppliers at our higher membership levels.

Exclusive Sale Days

Flyer Distribution

We can design a custom flyer for your product that promotes its great features and benefits. The flyer can also include a custom order form that our customers can use to place mail, fax or email orders for your product. We can print and distribute the flyers to Black Business Network members:

  • at major TAG TEAM Events
  • in the box along with orders that are shipped to customers
  • online (electronically) to Buy Black Movement members
  • and more

Printed flyers give you great exposure to viewers because, where electronic ads disappear once a person leaves the page, printed advertisements continue to exist.

Flyer Distribution is a premium feature available to Suppliers at our higher membership levels, as well as to certain Suppliers who achieve Best-Seller status in the Buy Black Movement.

Product Flyer
Distribution Features


As a Supplier, you send us inventory of your product(s) each month, and we store it in our Atlanta, Georgia facility. When orders for your product come in, your product is pulled from our shelves and shipped directly to the customer.

Storage space for a limited number of your products is included with each Supplier membership. Higher membership levels include storage for more products. Additional storage is available, for a fee, for additional products or for larger products that require more shelf space.

Inventory Rack

Order Taking

Our staff accepts phone orders, mail orders, fax orders and online orders for Supplier products. Our staff politely guides each customer through the order process and can even answer general questions about your product.

Having our team take orders for your product(s) frees up your time to do what you do best, produce products. This service is provided to all Suppliers, and can help you achieve a significant cost savings over hiring your own employees to do the same.

Sister Taking Order


Our handles shipping in-house.

When an order for your product is received, your product is carefully picked off our shelves, packed into a box and shipped directly to the customer. Our staff takes great care to make sure that your product is packed securely and arrives to the customer in prime condition.

All shipping fees are passed on to the customer, and so you never pay any shipping charges for orders received for your product.

All customers can log into their online accounts and view their shipping and tracking information after their orders are placed.


Customer Service

When there is a question or a problem with an order, our customer service staff responds to the inquiry and handles the issue directly with the customer. Customers contact us via email or telephone, and most inquiries are handled and resolved within 24 hours.

Our customer service staff gets trained in the features and proper use of your product(s) and will be able to answer general questions posed by customers.

Having a dedicated team handle customer service for your product(s) can be a great time-saver and money-saver for your business.

Service Agent
Online Features

Back Office Tools

When you sign up as a Supplier in the Black Business Network, you immediately gain access to powerful online tools that you can use to track every aspect of your business, including:

  • Sales Details, Statistics and Graphs
  • Inventory Counts
  • Earnings Details, Statistics and Graphs
  • Online Promotional Tools
  • and much more...
Supplier Viewing Tools

Black Business Profile

A Black Business Profile gives information about your Black-owned business to Black people who visit to the website. The purpose of your profile is to drive website visitors to purchase your products from our online store.

You can display your business name, company logo, a description of your business, detailed information about the purpose of your business, your recommended products and information about yourself.

You can also customize an additional full page of your own with more information about your products and/or services as well.

If you have a video commercial or banner ad, they will also be displayed in your Black Business Profile.

Black Business Profile

Rotating Banner Advertisement

A banner advertisement is a very effective way to get website visitors interested in your products. Banner advertisements appear on the website and "rotate" (change to a new ad every few seconds). This keeps your Black business out in front of our visitors and can lead to sales.

When a website visitor clicks your banner ad, it will go directly to your product in our online store.

You can supply us with your own website banner:

  • Your banner should measure 320 x 310 pixels.
  • The banner should include positive, Black people in the photo (if people are shown)
  • It should direct the user to "click here" for more.
  • Your ad should be in the JPG format.
  • It should NOT contain too much information, since it only stays on the screen for 6 seconds at a time.

We can also design and produce a professional banner advertisement for you.

Sample Banner Ad
Sample Banner Advertisement
The actual size of the banner would be 320 pixels wide by 310 pixels high

Static Banner Advertisement

A Static Banner is an advertisement that doesn't change to a new ad. Your ad stays on the page, as long as the website visitor remains on the page.

Static ads can be very effective, because visitors have an unlimited amount of time to view it, consider what it says, and eventually click on it. Static banner ads are also very valuable because no other advertisements from any other companies are shown in its place. Instead, the visitor gets to focus exclusively on your ad.

When a website visitor clicks your banner ad, it will go directly to your product(s) in our online store.

Static banner ad design and placement is included at the upper Supplier membership levels, and are otherwise available for an additional charge. TAG TEAM Marketing website designers design static ads specifically for certain pages on the website. As a result, the size and dimensions of static ads vary by page and location.

Static Banner Ad
Sample Banner Advertisement

Video Commercial

Video commercials are a powerful way to get people to know about your products and services. The best commercial features you speaking about your product. When Black consumers see your Black face and hear you passionately describe your product, in your own voice, they gain an immediate connection with you. This can greatly increase your sales.

We can film a 60-second video commercial of you speaking about your products at one of our live events, or you can send us a video you've filmed yourself. Your video commercial will be edited and then made available for our members to view on this website.

We can also produce more elaborate promotional videos, presentations and even infomercials about your Black-owned business, included in the upper level Supplier memberships, or for an additional charge.

Video Commercial On Laptop

Live Event Features

Speak at Events

TAG TEAM Marketing events are held periodically in various cities. Black Business Network Suppliers get to speak on stage and promote their products and/or services to the entire audience (higher positions first, on a first come, first served basis). These presentations are priceless because, as a Supplier, you get to show/demonstrate their product/service and share exciting success stories from your customers. This can lead to sales of your products and/or services.

Speaking At TAG TEAM Event


Vending is a fantastic way to generate instant sales and revenues for Black business owners. TAG TEAM Marketing hosts live events where Suppliers can set up vending tables and sell their products to the attendees.

The most unique and powerful aspect of vending at TAG TEAM Marketing events is that it is a team effort. As a Supplier, you can bring and display your merchandise for sale. TAG TEAM Marketers bring lots of people to the events and encourage them to shop with you and the other vendors, so they can earn commissions on the products sold. As a result, the two teams work together to make each event a great success.

Only Black Business Network Suppliers can vend at TAG TEAM Marketing events. Vending is included free at all Supplier membership levels. Vending is available at certain events throughout the year.

Sister Vending

VIP Seating At Events

At many TAG TEAM Marketing events, seating is at a premium. Attendees sometimes wait in line for hours to get front-row seats. One of the benefits of our higher Supplier levels is that you get to sit up front at just about all TAG TEAM Marketing events you attend.

This rare, but important feature reflects the importance and prestige that the higher level Suppliers plays in the Buy Black Movement.

Audience Seated At Event

Free Convention Passes

Each year, TAG TEAM Marketing holds an annual convention, usually in Atlanta, Georgia, where the achievements of the last year are celebrated, and the new plans and programs of the next year are unveiled. Also, powerful Black business training is delivered to all attendees at the convention. Buy Black Movement members of all types (Suppliers, Consumers, Marketers) attend from all over the world to participate in this annual mega-event.

Upper level Suppliers receive free convention passes for themselves and a certain number of the staff, family members, colleagues or friends.

Crowd Registering For Event

Live Event For Your Company

One of the greatest benefits of upper level Supplier memberships is that they include your own event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Working with TAG TEAM Marketing leadership, you can put together a special event (or series of events) designed to promote and sell your products to Black consumers in the Buy Black Movement. The event can be promoted by TAG TEAM Marketers around the country, and the event can be both attended in person or viewed live online. The event can be filmed and DVDs can even be made of the event. You can generate income from ticket sales (if charging for admission), product sales at the event, online sales during and after the event, as well as sales of the DVD we make of the event.

Your own event can give you great, direct exposure to the ever-growing Buy Black Movement customer base, and generate impressive on-site and online sales for your products and/or services.

Our team can travel and produce an event in any city, state or country outside of Atlanta, Georgia, for an additional charge.


Brother Speaking To Audience At Event

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