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Buy Black Movement Supplier Program
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By joining the Black Business Network, our whole team works to help you grow your Black-owned business. We do the work that Black businesses need most, in order to help our community prosper. Together, we can achieve greater success, than working separately.
Send Us Your Products
Sign up as a Black Business Network Supplier and send us an initial supply of your products. Then, each month, send us more to replace what we've sold.

We Place Your Products Into Our Inventory System
We count and keep track of your products, so that you know exactly what we have on hand. This can help you to predict when you need to send us more.

We Market Your Products
We photograph your products, create descriptive listings for each item and place them in our online store. Our ever-growing team of TAG TEAM Marketers promote your products to the Black community.

We Take Orders For Your
Products And Services
We accept phone orders, mail orders, fax orders, email orders and online orders for your products and services.

We Ship Your Products
Our staff packs each order of your product and ships them directly to the customers.

This alone can save you lots of time and energy that you can use to focus on other aspects of your business.

We Handle
Customer Service
Our professional staff handles any customer issues that may arise, such as missed shipments, returns, etc.

You Get Paid

Each month, you receive a check for the products that we sold for you during the last monthly cycle.
Join the Black Business Network and supply the Buy Black Movement with your products and services. Let's work together and achieve more as a team, than is possible working alone. Become a Supplier TODAY!
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