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Buy Black Movement Supplier Program
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Frequently Asked Questions
"The Black Business Network's Supplier Program is an answer to a prayer for many Black businesspeople who previously had no distribution for their products or services."
  • suppliers are Black business owners who create their own products

  • to become a supplier, you must create and own all rights to the products that you supply us
  • we do not accept 3rd party or private labeled products

  • our goal is to promote the actual Black product maker, in order to inspire other Black people to do the same.
  • all supplier memberships start with an initial one year contract

  • there is no guarantee that we will sell any certain amount of your products or services

Supplier Testimonial

Erroll Paden

"The Black Business Network has been an amazing resource for information since I became a Supplier. Anytime I have been uncertain about what to do in order to best advance my business in the Buy Black Movement, they have been right there with the answer that helps me solve my issue. It's reassuring to know I have that kind of support as I build my business. It very true what they say, 'I'm in business for myself, but not by myself' ".

Erroll Paden
NuWash Cleaning Products


The Black Business Network Supplier program allows Black business owners to have their products marketed, sold and distributed to Black consumers all around the world.

Here are answers to the most common questions we have received about the program:



  1. If I become a Supplier, will I have to sell exclusively through you?

    No, we do not require an exclusive relationship with you. You can feel free to sell your products anywhere else, as long as your published price(s) are the same or more than our published price(s).

  2. What are the qualifications to become a Supplier?

    To become a Supplier, you must have a product that you created and own all rights to. Your product must be of high quality, work as advertised and be of benefit to Black consumers. The product must be family friendly (for Black people of all ages), cannot be offensive in any way, or contain any negative, derogatory, profane or explicit content. For a full list of qualifications, click here.

  3. I market a product that I do not own or make myself. Can I become a Supplier?

    No. Suppliers are Black business owners who created and own all rights to their product. We will not sell a product for you, that is owned by a 3rd party. A Supplier must own all rights and assume all liability for the product they supply to us.

  4. As a Supplier, will you buy inventory from me each month, or do I just send it to you?

    We do not purchase inventory from you. Instead, when you sign up, you send us an initial supply of inventory, and as sales come in, we will send you monthly checks for everything sold. You can track your sales and inventory numbers with our online tools, and as your inventory gets low, just send us more. Ideally, each month, you should send us enough inventory to last another month.

  5. As a Supplier, how much do I get paid from each product you sell for me?

    As a Supplier, you can take home up to 50% of the retail price of each product we sell for you (called your "wholesale price). The remainder of the money from each sale we make is used to handle our expenses including transaction processing, administration, sales commissions for our Marketers and so forth. After you sign up as a Supplier, you give us your suggested retail price (price we sell it for) and you set your wholesale price (50% or lower of the retail price) for each of your products. Each month we send you a check for your each product's wholesale price multiplied by the number of the products we sold for you, minus a $2.00 processing fee for each check we issue.

  6. Do I have to get a Supplier membership to sell my products on this website?

    Yes. The Buy Black Movement showcases the products and services of our Black Business Network Suppliers only. Choose the Supplier Membership that is right for you and sign up.

  7. I make perishable food products. Can I become a Supplier?

    Yes, however, we cannot store or ship your products for you, since our facility is not classified for refrigeration/food storage. Each time our team makes a sale, your company would have to ship the product directly to the customer that placed the order using our Black Business Network shipping tool.

  8. I am a Network Marketing Distributor. Can I become a Supplier and have you sell my product?

    No. The Black Business Network program is for Black-owned businesses who create and own their own product only. In other words you must own your product. So, products that you re-sell from another company do not qualify.

  9. I am the owner and creator of my own product, but I have it manufactured by another company. Do I qualify for the Supplier program?

    Yes. As long as you created the product, you own it exclusively, and it is not a private labeled product (a product being manufactured for other companies as well, just with your label on it), it doesn't matter where you get it manufactured. Our hopes are that in the future, as you grow with us, you will hire other Black people and manufacture it yourself. Our aim is to help you grow and create jobs in the Black community.

  10. Do you guarantee that I will make sales if I get a Supplier membership?

    No. That's not possible in any advertising or marketing program, since there are many factors that determine how many sales are made. These factors include what your product or service is, if it's needed and wanted by the public, the price of your product, the reviews of your product, etc. What that Black Business Network offers is an awesome opportunity for you to expose your company, product or service to lots of Black consumers, and to have our team promote, sell and deliver the products for you. You can be assured that we will do our best to promote and sell your products.

  11. Why is the Black Business Network program just for Black-owned businesses?

    Because TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc. is a marketing company that specializes in marketing the products of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers. Our expertise is in filling the Black consumer need for products and services made by their own race. As a result, we look for Black-owned businesses who make quality products and services that fill that needs. Furthermore, our purpose is to uplift the Black community by creating wealth and jobs for the underserved Black community.


  1. What date will my credit card be charged for my monthly membership fee?

    Your monthly membership will be charged on your credit card one month from the day that you sign up for a business membership, and each month afterwards.

  2. Can I change my billing date?

    Yes. You can change it by pro-rating your membership fee forward. For instance, if you are currently billed on the 15th and you want to be billing on the 1st of the month (1/2 a month later), then you would pay 1/2 of your monthly membership fee to bring your billing date forward to the first of the next month. Your membership fee would then be billed on the first of the month afterwards. To change your billing date, call our office at (404) 305-0300.

  3. Is there an annual renewal fee for my membership?

    Not necessarily. If you are paying for your Business Membership on monthly installments, then once your initial contract year of membership payments is complete, your membership will continue month to month. If you purchased your annual membership all at once, then you will automatically be billed for another year after your initial year is up. You can change from monthly payments to annual payments anytime.

  4. What happens if my credit card declines?

    If your credit card declines, you will receive an email or a call letting you know that it did. You should immediately log into the website and pay your bill with a different credit card. In the days to follow the decline, we will attempt to re-run your credit card again. If your bill is not resolved, your membership will be automatically suspended. If it is not resolved shortly afterwards, your membership will be cancelled.

  5. Can I pay with cash or by mailing in a check or money order?

    Yes, you can pay for an entire year membership or settle a past due balance by mailing in a check or money order, but monthly billing must be done automatically by credit card.

  6. How do I change the credit card I have on file?

    You can change your credit card at any time by clicking on YOUR ACCOUNT, then CREDIT CARDS, then UPDATE MY CREDIT CARD.

  7. Will I receive a paper bill in the mail?

    No, all billing for the Black Business Network program is done online. You can view your bill online by logging into your account and clicking on YOUR ACCOUNT, then YOUR ORDERS.

Upgrade / Downgrade / Cancellation

  1. How much does it cost to upgrade to a higher Supplier level?

    If you upgrade within 30 days of joining, then you have the option of paying the difference between the cost of the old Supplier position + activation and the new one if you choose, but your monthly billing date will stay the same. If you upgrade after 30 days from the day you joined, then it costs the full price + activation of the new membership position, and you will get a new monthly billing date 1 month from the date of your upgrade.

  2. How do I upgrade my membership?

    Upgrading is easy. Just call our office (404) 305-0300 and press 1 to place an order. One of our representatives will process your upgrade.

  3. Can I step down to a lower membership position?

    Yes. After your initial one-year contract term is complete, you can downgrade your membership level. Just call our office at (404) 305-0300 for assistance.

  4. How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel your Supplier membership, just log into your account, click on YOUR ACCOUNT, then scroll down to YOUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS, look for SUPPLIER MEMBERSHIP, then click CANCEL and follow the directions.

  5. If I cancel my membership, what happens to my orders?

    If you cancel your Supplier membership, then you lose access to your orders and order history. You also forfeit receiving any future wholesale commissions. Your products will automatically be removed from the Buy Black Movement online store. It is our intention to develop a productive and profitable working relationship with you, and that you will remain a Supplier for years to come.

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