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Noni Shabazz
Fairburn, GA

I had bad breakouts on my chin that I used Proactive & other medications to try to cure. After using Ebony Secret for just a week and a half, the blemishes are clearing up and I stopped using the medication! I feel confident about using this product and I'll be getting my next bottle soon!

E. Leon Williams E. Leon Williams
Chesapeake, VA

Ebony Secret makes me look so good I feel like Denzel. I'm ready to go in GQ Magazine. You can feel it tightening up your skin, make it soft, and I even put it on my bald head. I recomend everyone get a bottle of Ebony Secret, as a matter of fact get two. E. Leon Williams

Mary Harvey Mary Harvey
Decatur, GA

I use Ebony Secret two times a day.  I have very sensitive skin.  The simplest thing can irritate my skin and it will start burning.  When I first tried it, I washed my face and I put on the Ebony Secret instead of alcohol and instantly a cool soothing feeling came over my face.  The burning and irritation went away instantly.  Sometimes I get hair bumps on my face and they get itchy and scratchy.  When I put Ebony Secret on it, it stops.  It works!

Sonia Jarrett
St. Louis, MO

I purchased a bottle of Ebony Secret when I attended the Black Business Seminar in Atlanta this year and I like it.  Although I don't have pimples, my face has a more smoothness to it and I have gotten comments on how flawless my makeup looks.  So I am sold and I am trying to sell my friends on the product.

Monique Wilson de Briano Monique Wilson de Briano
N. Charleston, SC

I am amazed at how fast you were able to get this product shipped to us.  We received Ebony Secret yesterday and already have great reviews!  Brianna has had a serious pimple on her face for days and her graduation pictures are today.  We debated makeup and toothpaste to cover the pimple.  I was so happy to see the product arrive yesterday and I applied it just once to Brianna's pimple.  This morning the redness was out and the pimple has shrunk!  I am blown away.  This is truly a great product.  We will be purchasing more.  Thanks for letting us know about it.

Teresa Reedus
Columbus, OH

My business partners and I worked together and bought an entire case of Ebony Secret and split it amongst ourselves. I have a bad patch of eczema on the back on my leg. Since I have been using Ebony Secret, it has made that patch smaller.

Tiffanie Walker Tiffanie Walker
St. Louis, MO

My husband has been using Ebony Secret consistently for 2 weeks to treat his acne.  He is excited that for the first time after having used facial masks and popular treatments, he is seeing REAL results.  I have noticed his skin is smooth prior to shaving.  This product is all natural and really works... yeah!

Antjuan Jack
Pickerington, OH

I purchased a bottle of Ebony Secret when I attend the TAG TEAM Black Business Seminar. I've got oily skin and Ebony Secret leveled my skin out!  Right now I use it on my face, head and neck.

Dana West
St. Louis, MO

I am excited about the results from using my Ebony Secret. While on vacation, my niece got really bad sunburn. About an hour after I applied Ebony Secret she said that she was relieved from the pain of the sunburn and wanted to know what was that I used on her skin. My reply was "Ebony Secret, Ebony Secret".

Zina Crump Zina Crump
Warner Robins, GA

I purchased a bottle of Ebony Secret the day of the Black Business Seminar.  I used it as directed and immediately felt and saw a difference in my skin. When I returned to work on Monday, my co-workers were commenting on how good my skin looked.  I told them about Ebony Secret.  After one week and everyone feeling on my face, they all purchased bottles. One of my co-workers offered to buy my used bottle, however I wouldn't part with it.  For me, it has made the difference between me having to wear make up or not.  My face feels silky smooth, literally.

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