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Secret Formula

Ebony Secret is made up of an all-natural, secret formula that was passed on from mouth to ear decades ago. The formula has not been altered and is still creating the same magic results that it did when it was created.

Oliver, Creator

Back in the year 1968, a 19 year old young man named Oliver lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Oliver frequently visited the store of an old Black man who repaired old hats and made them look like new. Oliver loved finding old hats and getting them repaired at old Mr. Hatmaker's shop.

Young Oliver always noticed that old Mr. Hatmaker's skin was very clear and smooth. One day, he asked Mr. Hatmaker, how his skin got so clear and smooth and why he didn't have any razor bumps. Oliver even asked him, "Do you use makeup or something?". Mr. Hatmaker replied, "No. I don't use any makeup. I use a secret formula. You keep coming around the shop and one day I might tell you the secret."

Whispering In EarOne day, months later, Oliver and his friends were in old Mr. Hatmaker's Hat Shop, and Mr. Hatmaker called Oliver into the back room. Oliver asked, "Should I bring my friends too?". Old Mr. Hatmaker said "No, just you". He then grabbed Oliver's ear, pulled him closer and whispered the secret formula into his ear. Mr. Hatmaker then told Oliver, "If you use this formula, just as I told you, and don't change anything, it will make you a TRILLION dollars".

Oliver was stunned. He didn't know what to think. Why had Mr. Hatmaker told him his secret formula? Why him? Why not one of his friends or someone else?

Six months later, old Mr. Hatmaker died. Mr. Hatmaker's wife was so upset at the loss of her husband, that she then died. They didn't have any children. All that remained was young Oliver Long who knew Mr. Hatmaker's secret formula.

Oliver and Gilbert
Oliver (Creator) and Gilbert (Chemist)

Oliver used the formula himself for many years. Then, he met his partner Gilbert, a chemist, and decided to continue the dream of Mr. Hatmaker. Gilbert started researching skin care and learning about all of the different skin conditions that existed. Gilbert's research proved that the secret formula could help with many skin conditions and that there was nothing like it on the market. With Gilbert's help, they turned the secret formula into a product, bottled it and began distributing samples.

Everywhere they went, people raved about the product. Soon, they realized that the secret formula would clear up more than razor bumps. Success stories started coming back from customers about it clearing up acne, blemishes, keloid scars, eczema, stretch marks, cellulite and more. The product truly was a miracle skin conditioner, capable of helping reduce just about any unwanted skin condition.

Oliver and Gilbert then began searching for a company to market the product all over the world. For years, they met with distributors, corporations, marketing companies and the like. Many expressed great interest, but somehow, the deals always fell through. Then, on March 24, 2006, they attended a Black Business Networking event at the TAG TEAM Marketing Production Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with many other Black Business owners, Oliver and Gilbert got up on stage and promoted their product for 1 minute. Their presentation caught the eye of TAG TEAM Marketing President Delxino Wilson de Briano, and the rest is history...

Delxino & Debbie meet with Oliver & team

TAG TEAM Marketing International Founders Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano met with Oliver, Gilbert and members of their team, and made a groundbreaking marketing agreement. Weeks later, TAG TEAM Marketing International launched Ebony Secret - Miracle Skin Care Conditioner. Within weeks, TAG TEAM sold their first 1,000 bottles of the product and sales have continued to soar.

TAG TEAM Marketing members are now widely distributing Ebony Secret worldwide and working to help Oliver and Gilbert make old Mr. Hatmaker's dream a reality.

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