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Willie McAndrews
Smyrna, GA

My wife (Juanicki McAndrews ) went to a Black Business Networking Social at TAG TEAM and brought home a bottle of Ebony Secret. I started using it.  It's like a clear water.  I massaged it in to my face after I shaved and it worked!  My face is so smooth now and it helped with my ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  I worked so well, I look like I am 10 years younger!

Esther Charles
New Britain, CT

I love Ebony Secret!  At first I was skeptical.  I thought it wouldn't work.  It turned out to be the best product I ever used for my face.  I've always been plagued with acne and large pores.  My pores have minimized tremendously and my acne is now 'non exsistant'.  My skin is looking good.  I look great!  I am looking forward to more Ebony Secret skin care products.

Deborah McDaniel
Mission Hills, CA

I originally heard about Ebony Secret from the emails that TAG TEAM.  I saw all of the success stories on the website and I got excited and bought a bottle.  I really achieved a glow with my complexion.  I will definitely be buying more of the product.

I really like the fact that this product was created by a Black manufacturer.  We really have to support each other.

Jatia Owens
, AL

My mom bought a bottle of Ebony Secret for herself and she was not using it, so I started using it.  I'm 15 years old and I used it on my pimples and they all went away.  My mom is starting to use it now for herself and she put it on my 12 year old sister who has scars from insect bites.

Larry Newton
Atlanta, GA

I can really feel the difference in the condition of my skin after using Ebony Secret Miracle Skin Conditioner.  I have been using it on my face. I like the way my skin feels and the texture of my skin.  My fiance noticed that I have less bumps, and my skin is smoother.  Ebony Secret is definitely a real good product.  I am very happy with it.

Jerome Monroe
Roswell, GA

My nephew wrote, "I received a bottle of Ebony Secret Miracle Conditioner from my uncle Jerome Monroe to help alleviate my hair bump problems. To put it simply- it worked!  I noticed the results in less than a week. Being a Black male, I highly recommend Ebony Secret to any other Black male suffering from hair bumps, because it is made especially for us! - Jamar E., Baton Rouge, Louisiana"

Carlton Burroughs
New York, NY

I've only had Ebony Secret for a week and already my surgery scar has gone from being pink to my natural skin color.  I even used it on my scalp and my hair is growing back in a spot that has been bald for 7 years.  It used to be smooth and now I'm feeling stubble growing.  Now I don't have to cut my hair so low and it's looking even.  I use it on my face too.  My face is looking great.  I even look younger.  I got a haircut on the day the bottle arrived and had a couple of bumps afterwards.  I used it on the bumps and the next day they were gone.

My son has severe skin irritation when he gets his hair cut and we've spent lots of money on handling it.  Now that he's using Ebony Secret, he does not have any more clusters and the bumps are going away.  This stuff is amazing because we haven't even had it in the house for a week!

Hetty Rolle
New York, NY

I had some blisters on my face near my nose. I was feeling so bad and didn't want to go out. But I had to go out & decided to put the Ebony Secret on my face. After a half hour I looked at my face in the car mirror and saw that the blisters were almost gone. By that night, the blisters went away totally! No one would have known I had blisters on my face. I have to get me some more.

Kevin Holman Kevin Holman
Port Smith, VA

I bought a bottle of Ebony Secret for me and my wife about a month ago. The results on our skin are incredible.  I can really see a difference in our skin.  My wife's skin looks great.  Her stretch marks are almost gone and it has made our skin even toned.  Thanks for Ebony Secret!

Greg Kiah
Duluth, GA

I purchased a bottle of Ebony Secret about 3 weeks ago. I use it on my face mostly. After applying the Ebony Secret regularly, I noticed that a lot of the uneveness, roughness and dryness has gone away. I am finding that my wife is noticing it and really enjoying rubbing my face more and more.

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