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Hetty Rolle
New York, NY

I had some blisters on my face near my nose. I was feeling so bad and didn't want to go out.  But I had to go out and decided to put the Ebony Secret on my face.  After a half hour I looked at my face in the car mirror and saw that the blisters were almost gone. By that night, the blisters went away totally!  No one would have known I had blisters on my face!

I have to get me some more, and I think I'll become a Sales Rep to sell it.

Darrin Foster Darrin Foster
Aberdeen, MS

I just got my bottle of Ebony Secret yesterday. I had two pimples and they are already drying up! One of them is almost gone and the other one is disappearing. I also had some razor bumps and they are already drying up as well! This product is real! This time next week, my face is going to be glowing! My wife said that my face looks brighter already. My wife's skin is already tighting up as well.

Marcus Pedro Marcus Pedro
Brisbane, Queensland, AL, Australia

Wow!!! Ebony Secret is amazing!!  I've had some skin problems on my arms and on the side of my legs for years.  I tried different products which had NO results.  I've been using Ebony Secret for 3 DAYS and I can see a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Keith Allen
College Park, GA

I had razor bumps & I used the Ebony Secret on my razor bumps and the bumps went away in a 1.5 days. Now my skin feels good. I can touch it without making funny faces.

Belinda Offley Belinda Offley
Brooklyn, NY

My daughter Christina started breaking out on her forehead.  She is 13 years old.  She now uses Ebony Secret twice a day.  The pimples are actually going away after 4 days.  So my daughter asks me, "Where's the Ebony Secret mommy?" on a daily basis.  Needless to say, I'll be ordering another bottle soon!

Tonashia Wilson
Norfolk, VA

I had some discoloration from acne spots since I was a teenager in High School.  I have had them for some time.  Now, since I have been using Ebony Secret, it is blending in the color of my skin and the discoloration is fading away.  I want everyone to know it really works!!

Desere Singletary
St Louis, MO

My little girl had an unexplained rash on her face.  After applying Ebony Secret, it cleared up completely.

Bryce Parker
Columbus, OH

My wife and I got 2 bottles of Ebony Secret during the TAG TEAM Black Business Seminar. My wife has been taking high blood preasure medication and it leaves marks on her face.  The marks have been there for years.  Ebony Secret helps remove the facial marks and she LOVES it.

Evin Anderson Evin Anderson
Savannah, GA

Ebony Secret is Amazing!!! I got stung by a bee on the back of my hand.  Not only did my hand swell, but I also broke out into hives around my elbow.  I put some Ebony Secret on the hives and on the swelling and within hours the hives cleared and the swelling went down on my hand.  I couldn't believe how fast it worked!!  I'm telling you, Ebony Secret is incredible.

Pelagie Siliki
Silver Spring, MD

I’d recently had my hair done and noticed a rash developing on the back of my neck. I was wondering what I could use to make the rash go away.  Then I remembered that Ebony Secret could work for something like this.  So, I started using it and two days later I felt the change in my skin.  The rash started going away.  By the fourth day the rash was completely gone!

I’m so happy to have found another use for Ebony Secret.  I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends!

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