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Marcus Garvey's Audio Recordings
Below are three known recordings of Marcus Garvey. Scroll down or click one of the links to the right to hear the speech and read the transcript.
Look For Me In A Whirlwind
17 minutes, 10 seconds
Goals Of The U.N.I.A.
3 minutes, 38 seconds
Upon His Return To U.S.A.
3 minutes, 25 seconds

"Look For Me In A Whirlwind Or A Storm"
- Marcus Mosiah Garvey

A Partial Recording and Transcript of a Speech
Delivered (speculation) in Harlem, New York circa 1924

...and protect the integrity of the Black millions and suffer! I decided to do the latter.

There is no future for a people who deny their past. My foreparents, my grandparents, my mother, my father, did not suffer and die to give me an education to slight, oppress or discourage my people.

Because whatsoever education I acquired out of their sacrifice of over 300 years, I shall use for the salvation of the 400 million Black people of the world. And the DAY when I forsake my people, may God almighty say there shall be no more life for you!

I unequivocally rejected the racist assumption of much white American Christianity. Namely, that God had created the Black man inferior, and that he'd intended Negroes to be a servant class, hewers of wood and drawers of water. Well, I predicated my view of man on the Doctrine of Imago Dei, "All men, regardless of color, are created in the image of God".

Now, from this premise comes the equality of all men and brotherhood of all men. The Biblical injunction of Acts 17:26 reminds us that he created, of one blood, all nations of men to dwell on the face of the earth, and is most interested in brotherhood within his own race. Because if Negroes are created in God's image, and Negroes are Black, then God must, in some sense, be Black!

If the white man has the idea of a white God, let him worship his God as he desires. We have found a new ideal. Because once our God has no color, and yet it is human to see everything through ones own spectacles, and since the white people have seen their God through their white spectacles, we have only now started to see our God through our own spectacles.

But we believe in the God of Ethiopia, the everlasting God, God the father, God the son, God the holy ghost, the one God of all ages. That is the God in whom we believe, but we shall worship him through the spectacles of Ethiopia.

For two hundred and fifty years we have struggled under the burden and rigors of slavery. We were maimed, we were brutalized, we were ravaged in every way. We are men. We have hopes, we have passions, we have feelings, we have desires, just like any other race.

The cry is raised all over the world of Canada for the Canadians, of America for the Americans, of England for the English, of France for the French, of Germany for the Germans. Do you think it unreasonable that we, the Blacks of the world, should raise a cry of Africa for the Africans?

The Negro is a MAN. We represent the New Negro. His back is not yet against the wall. We do not want his back against the wall, because that would be a peculiar and desperate position. We do not want him there. It is because of this that we are asking for fair compromise.

Well, the Belgians have control over the Belgian Congo which they cannot use. They have not the resources to develop, nor the intelligence. The French have more territory than they can develop. There's certain parts of Africa in which you cannot live at all, so it is for YOU to come together and give us a United States of Africa.

We are not going to be a race without a country. God never intended it, and we are not going to abuse God's confidence in us as men. We are men, human beings, capable of the same acts as any other race, possessing under fair circumstances, the same INTELLIGENCE as any other race.

Now, Africa's been sleeping, not dead, only sleeping. Today, Africa's walking around not only on her feet, but on her brains.

You can enslave, as was done for 300 years, the bodies of men. You can shackle the hands of men. You can shackle the feet of men. You can imprison the bodies of men. BUT YOU CANNOT SHACKLE OR IMPRISON THE MINDS OF MEN!

Dive down Black men and dig. Reach up Black men and women, and pull all nature's knowledge to you. Turn ye around and make a conquest of everything North and South, East and West. And then when you have wrought well, you will have merited God's blessing, you will have become God's chosen people, and naturally you will become leaders of the world.

And as you bow down to white man today, so will other races bow down to you and call you a race of masters, because of the superiority of your mind and your achievements.

Because, no race has the last word on culture and on civilization. They do not know what we are capable of. They do not know what we are thinking. They are thinking in terms of dreadnoughts, battleships, airplanes, submarines. You know what we're thinking about?... That is our own private business.

So give us credit for being able to use our minds. And with people becoming conscious of themselves, determined to use their minds, you do not know to what extent they can go. Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.

We love the white race, not for social fellowship, but for the common brotherhood that God intended we should live. What satisfaction can anyone get in being happy and see his brother wallowing in filth, dirt and disease? How can you be happy living in luxury and your brother's living in disease, and then when you try to help the one out of the disease, the subtle culprit talks about disloyalty?

Black men at Carthage, Black men of Ethiopia, of Timbuktu, of Alexandria, gave the likes of civilization to this world. Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands unto God, and Princes shall come out of Egypt.

Those classes, nations, races, have been quite quiet for over four centuries... who have merely born abuse, insult, humiliation,... whose forbearance can only be compared to the Prophet Job as likewise lifted his bowed head and raised it up to God's skies, and likewise cried out, "I am a man and demand a man's chance, and a man's treatment in this world!"

As I shall teach the Black man... I shall teach the Black man to see beauty in his own kind and stop bleaching his skin and otherwise looking like what he's not!

Back in the days of slavery, race mixture and race miscegenation had occurred BECAUSE THE AFRICAN WOMAN HAD NO PROTECTION FROM THE SLAVEMASTER. Therefore there is no need today for Black people to themselves freely continue a PRACTICE that SMACKS so much of slavery.

Our critics say that the race problem will be solved through higher education, through better education, then Black and white will come together. That day will never happen until Africa is redeemed. Because if those who, like W.E.B. du Bois, believe that the race problem will be solved in America through higher education, they will walk between now and eternity and never see the problem solved.

God made man lord of his creation, gave him possession and ownership of the world. And you have been so darned lazy, that you've allowed the other fellow to run away with the whole world, and now he's bluffing you and telling you that the world belongs to him and that you have no part in it!

I don't have to apologize to anybody for being Black, because God Almighty knew exactly what he was doing when he made me Black!

If Black people knew their glorious past, then they would be MORE inclined to respect themselves.

Yes. You heard of Johnnie Walker Red, and Black? Well, he had his adversities, but he's "still going strong".

Well, I intend with your help and God's grace to continue, because my work has only just begun. And future generations shall have in their hands the guide by which they shall know the sins of the 20th century. I know, and I know you too believe in time, where we shall wait patiently for 200 years if need be, to face our enemies through our posterity. When my enemies are satisfied... In life I shall come back, or in death even to serve you as I served before. In life I shall be the same, in death I shall be a TERROR to foes of African liberty.

If death has power, then count on me to be the real Marcus Garvey I would like to be!

If I may come in an earthquake or a plague or a pestilence, or if God would help me, then be assured that I shall NEVER desert you and make your enemies triumph over you!

Will I not go to hell a million times for you?

If I should die in Atlanta, my work will only just then begin. For I shall live in the physical or the spiritual to see the day of Africa's Glory.

When I am dead, wrap the mantle of the red, the black and the green around me, for in the new life I shall RISE UP with God's grace and blessings to lead the millions of the heights in the triumph, that you well know!

Look for me in a whirlwind or a storm! Look for me all around you! For with God's grace, I shall come back with countless millions of Black men and women who have died in America, those who have died in the West Indies, and those who have died in Africa, to aid you in the fight for liberty, freedom and life!

Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslave you.

Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslave you.

They gave leadership to our foreparents and that leadership made them slaves.

But we have decided to find a leadership of our own... to make ourselves free men. Our great scholars have advanced through the colleges and universities, have thrown away the blackened record.

Babylon did it.

Assyria did.

France under Napoleon did it.

Germany under Prince Von Bismarck did it.

England under...

America under George Washington did it.


If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it, then you will DIE!

You race of cowards!

You race of imbeciles!

You race of good for nothings!

If you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DIE!

Can we do it?

We can do it?

We shall do it.

We have prayed to God for vision and for leadership, and he has given us a universal vision... a vision that will not limit our possibilities to America,... a vision that will not limit our possibilities to the West Indies,.. but a vision that says there must be a free and redeemed Africa.

Christ the crucified.

Christ the despised.

We appeal to you to help, for succor, for leadership.

When you endeavored to carry your burden up the heights of Calvary...

When white men spurned you,...

when white men scorned you,...

when white men spat upon you,...

when white men pierced your side...

out of which blood and water gushed forth, it was a BLACK MAN, in the name of Simon the Cyrenian, who took your cross and bore it up the heights of Calvary.

And now that we are bearing our burden as being so heavy, we just ask that you just help us on up the heights.

Oh yes, the cause is grand, the cause is glory. Surely will shall not turn back. Oh sail on! Sail on! Sail on! Oh Mighty Ship of State, "Sail on!". Sail on until the flag of the red, the black and the green is perched upon the hilltops of Africa.

Because the time has come for the Black man to forget his hero worship of other races, and to create and emulate heroes of his own. We must canonize our own Saints, create our own Martyrs, and elevate to positions of fame and honor Black men and women who have made their distinct contributions to our racial history.

Sojourner Truth is worthy of a place of sainthood alongside of Joan of Arc. Crispus Attucks and George William Gordon are entitled to the halo of martyrdom with no less glory than the Martyrs of any other race. Toussaint L'Ouverture's brilliancy as a soldier or a statesman outshine that of any other people, hence, he's entitled to the highest place as a hero among men.

Because Africa's created millions and countless millions of Black men and women, in war and peace, whose luster and bravery outshine that of any other people. So why not see good and perfection in ourselves?

We must inspire a literature and promulgate a doctrine of our own without ANY APOLOGIES to the powers that be. That right is ours from God. Let sentiments and cross opinions go to the winds. We are entitled to our own opinion, and are not obligated to or bound by the opinions of others.

If others laugh at you, return the laughter to them. If they mimic you, return the compliment with equal force. Because they have no more right to dishonor, discredit you in manhood than you have in dealing with them. Honor them when they honor you. Disrespect and disregard them when they vilely treat you.

Their arrogance is but skin deep... an assumption that has no foundation in morals or in law.

They have sprung from the same family tree of obscurity as we have.
Their history is as rude in its primitiveness as ours.
Their ancestors were running wild and living in trees of branches like monkeys, as ours.
They made human sacrifices, ate the flesh of their own dead and wild meat from beasts for centuries, even as they have accused us of doing.
Their cannibalism is more prolonged than ours.

When we were embracing the banks of the Nile, they were still drinking blood out of the skulls of their conquered dead.
After our civilization had reached a new day of progress, they were still living in holes with bats, rats and other insects and animals.
After we had already unfathomed the mystery of the stars and reduced the heavenly constellations to minute and regular calculus, they were still backwoodsmen, living in ignorance and in blatant darkness.

The world is indebted to us for the benefits of civilization. They stole our arts and sciences from Africa. Then why should we be ashamed of ourselves?

Their modern improvements (are but duplicates of a grander civilization that we reflected thousands of years ago, without the advantage of what is buried and still hidden), to be reflected and resurrected by our generation and our posterity.

Why should we be discouraged if somebody laughs at us today? Who is to tell what tomorrow will bring forth? Did they not laugh at Christ, Moses, Muhammad? Was there not a Carthage, Greece and Rome? So we see and have changes every day, so pray, work, be steadfast and be not dismayed.

Because as the Jew is held together by his religion, the white race is, by the assumption and the unwritten law of superiority, the Mongolian by the precious tie of blood, likewise the Black man must unite in one grand racial hierarchy. Our union must know no clime, no nationality. But let us all hold together in every country, in every clime, making a racial empire upon which the sun shall never set.

Let no voice but your own speak to you from the depths. Let no influence but your own rouse you in time of peace and time of war. Hear all, but attend only to that which concerns you. Your allegiance shall be to your God, your race, your country.

Remember that the Jew in his political and economic urge is always first a Jew. The white man is first a white man under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. So you can do no less, BE BLACK, BUY BLACK, THINK BLACK, AND ALL ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF!

Let no one inoculate you with evil doctrines to suit his own conveniences. Charity begins at home. So first to thyself be true, and thou canst not then be false to no man.

Because God and Nature first made us what we are, and out of our own creative genius, we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let God and the sky be our limit, and eternity our measurement.

There is no height to which you cannot climb without the active intelligence of your own mind. Mind creates, and as much as we desire in nature, we can have through the creation of our own minds. And today being scientifically the weaker race, you shall treat others only as they treat you.

But in your homes and everywhere possible you must teach the higher development of science to your children, and make sure... and make sure that we have a race of scientists par excellence. For in religion and science lies our only hope to withstand the evil designs of modern materialism.

Never forget your God. Remember that we live, work, and pray for a binding racial hierarchy, whose only natural, spiritual and political limits shall be God and Africa, at home and abroad.

With one... With God's dearest blessings, I leave you for a while. ONE LOVE.

Goals of the Universal Negro Improvement Association
- Marcus Mosiah Garvey

This is a studio recording made by Marcus Garvey in New York in July 1921, shortly after returning from a long tour of the Caribbean and Central America. This is part of a longer speech "A Membership Appeal from Marcus Garvey to the Negro Citizens of New York".

Fellow citizens of Africa, I greet you in the name of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League of the World. You may ask, what organization is that? It is for me to inform you that the Universal Negro Improvement Association is an organization that seeks to unite into one solid body the 400 million Negroes of the world; to link up the 50 million Negroes of the United States of America, with the 20 million Negroes of the West Indies, the 40 million Negroes of South and Central America with the 280 million Negroes of Africa, for the purpose of bettering our industrial, commercial, educational, social and political conditions.

As you are aware, the world in which we live today is divided into separate race groups and distinct nationalities. Each race and each nationality is endeavoring to work out its own destiny to the exclusion of other races and other nationalities. We hear the cry of England for the Englishman, of France for the Frenchman, of Germany for the Germans, of Ireland for the Irish, of Palestine for the Jews, of Japan for the Japanese, of China for the Chinese.

We of the Universal Negro Improvement Association are raising the cry of Africa for the Africans, those at home and those abroad. There are 400 million Africans in the world who have Negro blood coursing through their veins. And we believe that the time has come to unite these 400 million people for the one common purpose of bettering their condition.

The great problem of the Negro for the last 500 years has been that of disunity. No one or no organization ever took the lead in uniting the Negro race, but within the last four years the Universal Negro Improvement Association has worked wonders in bringing together in one fold four million organized Negroes who are scattered in all parts of the world, being in the 48 states of the American union, all the West Indian Islands, and the countries of South and Central America and Africa. These 4 million people are working to convert the rest of the 400 million scattered all over the world and it is for this purpose that we are asking you to join our ranks and to do the best you can to help us to bring about an emancipated race.

If anything praiseworthy is to be done, it must be done through unity. And it is for that reason that the Universal Negro Improvement Association calls upon every Negro in the United States to rally to its standard. We want to unite the Negro race in this country. We want every Negro to work for one common object, that of building a nation of his own on the great continent of Africa. That all Negroes all over the world are working for the establishment of a government in Africa means that it will be realized in another few years.

We want the moral and financial support of every Negro to make the dream a possibility. Already this organization has established itself in Liberia, West Africa, and has endeavored to do all that's possible to develop that Negro country to become a great industrial and commercial commonwealth.

Pioneers have been sent by this organization to Liberia and they are now laying the foundation upon which the 400 million Negroes of the world will build. If you believe that the Negro has a soul, if you believe that the Negro is a man, if you believe the Negro was endowed with the senses commonly given to other men by the Creator, then you must acknowledge that what other men have done, Negroes can do. We want to build up cities, nations, governments, industries of our own in Africa, so that we will be able to have the chance to rise from the lowest to the highest positions in the African commonwealth.

Upon His Return to the United States of America
- Marcus Mosiah Garvey

This is a studio recording made by Marcus Garvey in New York in July 1921, shortly after returning from a long tour of the Caribbean and Central America. It appears on the flip-side of the record album he recorded (above) entitled "Goals of the Universal Negro Improvement Association"

Hello members of the Negro race. I have to thank you for the cordial welcome you have given me on this, my return to the United States of America.

I have been absent from this country for 5 months, being away in the West Indies and in Central America, traveling in the interest of the movement I represent, as its President General.

During my absence from America, I had occasion to observe, with a great degree of disgust, how narrow minded the so-called leaders of the Negro race are, in that, immediately after I took my departure from the country, the men who are supposed to represent and lead Negro thought in America endeavored to represent me to the government of these United States by charging me with anarchy and with an intent to destroy the loyalty of Negroes to the government of this great country. These representations were made to the State and other departments, which occasioned me great embarrassment in returning to these shores.

As by such information to the Departments of States, such instructions were given therefrom to the various consular officers outside of the country representing the government not to visa my passport for return to this country. I had ultimately to appeal to the good services of the Honorable George Evans Hughes, Secretary of State, whom I believe represents truly and thoroughly, the spirit of the American constitution. I explained to him the situation, and he immediately gave instructions that my passport be visaed for a return to the United States of America.

This action of his defeated the misrepresentation made by the enemies of my organization and by the enemies of the Negro race, to prevent my return to my sphere of labor. With all the embarrassment, I am once more in the United States of America, and it is for me to avow, not only my loyalty to the constitution, laws and government of the United States, but also avow that loyalty that is characteristic of the members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association to government.

The Universal Negro Improvement Association teaches its members everywhere to be loyal to government, but at the same time, to be loyal to the great race of which we are members. As an organization, we desire our educational, industrial, social and political advancement. Because of this desire, we are loyal to ourselves and our constitution. But in being thus loyal, does not mean that we are disloyal to any government or that we have no sympathy with other races.

We love humanity. We desire peace. And anything the Universal Negro Improvement Association and I can do for the advancement of the cause of humanity and for the permanent establishment of peace, we shall be glad to do.

I am now convinced more than ever, that the Negro lacks proper leadership. The men who have led in the past are incapable. I, therefore, appeal to the new manhood of this race of ours, to give us leadership... leadership that is unselfish, leadership that knows no flank. We can do no better than copy the leadership of the great Anglo-Saxon race... that leadership that gave to the world William Pitt, William Ewart Gladstone, a Disraeli and a Chamberlain, and last, but not least amongst them all, a David Lloyd George.

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