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Buy Black Movement Supporter Program   Where We Spend Our Money, Makes ALL The Difference
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Supporter Testimonial
Supporter Testimonial
Supporter Testimonial
Supporter Testimonial
Supporter Testimonial
Supporter Testimonial
Supporter Testimonial
Receive Powerful Benefits and Earn Rewards For Buying Black Consistently...

•  Earn Rewards Dollars For Your Purchases

Earn rewards dollars every time you make a purchase in the Buy Black Movement. Rewards dollars are based on your current Supporter level and the POINT VALUE of your purchase. (see chart below)

For instance, if you are a Supporter 25 and purchase a product worth 1 point, then you would earn 4% ($.04) in rewards dollars. If you are a Supporter 100 and place an order worth 100 points, you would earn 8% ($8.00) in rewards dollars. As a Supporter, you can go to YOUR EARNINGS page to see all the rewards dollars you have earned so far.

Buy Black

Your Supporter Level >>>

Earn from Your Purchases 2% 4% 6% 8%

•  Refer Others, Earn Rewards For Their Purchases

Get your friends to make purchases

Refer other positive, Black people to the Buy Black Movement. Get them to create free accounts using your personal link (so we know they were referred by you). When they make purchases, you will earn rewards dollars. The higher the level of Supporter you are (10 / 25 / 50 / 100), the more rewards you will earn from their purchases.

Earn more if they become Supporters

When you refer someone who becomes a Supporter, earn DOUBLE the rewards from their purchases.

Buy Black

Your Supporter Level >>>

Earn From Your Non-Supporters .25% .5% .75% 1%

Earn From Supporters You Refer .5% 1% 1.5% 2%

•  Receive Discounts On Your Future Monthly Orders

Once you become a Supporter, you qualify for discounts on your future, monthly Supporter orders. Save on several of our top-selling products, including:

Not all products offer Supporter discounts. Browse through our online store. Products that offer Supporter discounts say so right above the price on their page.

Buy Black
•  Advance To Higher Ranks By Buying Black

Your rank in the Buy Black Movement is based on two things, how LONG you have been a consistent, monthly Supporter and how many POINTS worth of products you have purchased while being a Supporter. (see chart below). So, if you see a member with a rank of "3 Year Trailblazer", then you know (1) They have been a Supporter for 3 years or more and (2) They have purchased at least 500 points worth of products, so far:

10,000 Honored Afrikan
9,000 Cornerstone
8,000 Vanguard
7,000 Benefactor
6,000 Patron
5,000 Luminary
4,500 Partisan
4,000 V.I.P.
3,500 Mogul
3,000 Dignitary
2,500 Principal
2,000 Champion
1,500 Superstar
1,000 Pacesetter
750 Trendsetter
500 Trailblazer
400 Pioneer
300 Protagonist
200 Proponent
100 Contributor
50 Participant
10 Initiate

Buy Black Movement

•  Receive Recognition For Your Ongoing Support

As a Supporter, receive great recognition for supporting Black-owned businesses consistently:
  • Your Supporter level and earned status will be listed with your name on this website.

  • Your photo will appear on the scrolling photo collage of Supporters on this website.

  • Purchase the most and/or refer the most Supporters in one calendar month, and appear on one of our Top Supporter scoreboards.

  • Become one of the top Supporters for a whole year and get listed in our Hall of Fame.

  • Your major accomplishments will be added to your member profile page.

  • You may receive awards & recognition for your contributions at various events, on conference calls, and at our Annual Convention.

  • Go down in Black history. Become a part of the historic, permanent record of Black families that that supported the Buy Black Movement during these early years.
Buy Black

•  Spend Your Rewards $ Like Cash

Buy Black With Your Rewards $

Each quarter, rewards checks are issued for all purchases made by you and your personally referred members during the previous quarter. Once your rewards are issued, they are available to be spent.

You can spend your rewards dollars like cash in our Rewards Store to purchase certain rewards-level products and services from Black-owned businesses*. Have them delivered to your door.

Buy Black

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