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Shepherd's Harvest Health Set
brought to you by:
The Shepherd's Harvest
David Grissett, Founder/President
We are a Dietary/Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Tea Company. We grow a portion of our raw material, we use organic farming and a patented drying process. This gives maximum benefits.

Health is a precious gift. Try our amazing Soursop Tea, Luxury Diabetic Tea, Moringa Blend Tea and Muscadine Grape Capsules to enhance your health.

Soursop Tea

Soursop leaves (also known as Guanabana and Graviola) are known to:

- relieve pain
- lower blood pressure
- strengthen the immune system
- suppress inflammation
- aid in digestion
- studies suggest Soursop has anti-cancer properties

Luxury Diabetic Tea

The amazing Luxury Diabetic Tea contains a delicate blend of Moringa, Mulberry, Soursop, Alaskan Ginseng, and Stevia leaf. These ingredients are the most powerful herbs on Earth to fight diabetes. This great blend supports and boosts the immune system, support a healthy pancreas, helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and detoxes the liver. Stevia leaves add natural sweetness without sugar.

Moringa Blend Tea

The Moringa Blend Tea is delicious. It consists of a delicate blend of Moringa, Papaya, Soursop and Hibiscus Flowers. Each of these powerful leaves have amazing healing properties. This wonderful tea is:

- great for everyday health and especially great for cold and flu season
- a natural liver detox, aids with digestion, great for blood pressure stabilization
- aids in weight management and is a natural energy booster

Muscadine Grape Capsules

Muscadine Grapes are a superb source of antioxidants. Antioxidants aid your immune system by fighting "free radicals" (harmful molecules in your body) before they cause cell damage. Our Muscadine Grape Capsules are a convenient way to get the power of Muscadine Grapes into your diet. Muscadine Grapes:

- promote heart health
- promote prostate health
- are known to reduce pain from old sports injuries
- are known to relieve joint pain

Muscadine Grape Juice

The Shepherd's Harvest Premium Muscadine Grape Juice is a luxury, premium, red, muscadine grape juice. This juice is top of the line, made from the finest grapes available on the planet and contains 100% pure muscadine juice. This juice is absolutely delicious and naturally sweet, but no sugar is added. It is all-natural and is completely alcohol free. Many people who drink Shepherd's Harvest Premium Muscadine Grape juice report a wide variety of positive impacts on their health.

Get the Complete Set and SAVE

These teas ares 'loose leaf', meaning there are no individual tea bags or added ingredients. To use, just add the tea leaves to hot water. Let steep for at least 20 minutes and enjoy! You may also use a tea infuser.

For great health, add The Shepherd's Harvest Health Set to your cupboard or medicine cabinet. It also makes a perfect gift.

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Customer Testimonials

S. A.

Now this is REAL HEALTHCARE worth paying for every month!

I've been fortifying myself and my family with this incredible set for months! We've been healed from colds and asthma symptoms throughout the winter and with allergy season upon us, we have no worries! Especially with those amazing Muscadine Grape Capsules, which I like to open up and sprinkle into our kale smoothies and my tea as well! And speaking of the teas, they're not only absolutely delicious, but fabulously nutritious with herbs straight from Mother Earth! So they're in alignment with our vegan lifestyle as well!

We drink the Luxury Diabetic Tea as a preventative measure and it's really good! I love the Moringa Blend in the morning. The beautiful color, fragrance and taste are divine! And most nights I enjoy a soothing cup of Soursop to relax me into my evening meditation and my sleep is sooo peaceful! My body is detoxing better, I can breathe better and I feel more hydrated and balanced as well. There is so much love that goes into every bag of tea. I can taste it in every cup!

Thank you Brotha David Grissett for dedicating your life to the health of Black people with The Shepherd's Harvest! My family and I are lifted in mind, body and spirit!

S. A.

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