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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

GarveyNation.com: Alpha Testing Complete, Beta Testing Begins

Sisters and Brothers Beta Testing GarveyNation.com

GarveyNation.com is the future home of the Buy Black Movement. The beginnings of the new Garvey Nation website launched on January 1st, 2024. General members could not log into the new website as of yet, but could see the Website Introduction, the Online Store, and several pages about Garvey Nation. The website has already gotten rave reviews from members around the world.

Today, Alpha Testing (testing of the new website by internal staff) concluded and Beta Testing (testing of the new website by the public) began. Select members of the public will be using and testing the website.

On a live conference call for Garvey Nation members, TAG TEAM Marketing President Delxino Wilson de Briano announced that the "Founding Citizens" will be granted access to the website to perform Beta Testing. Founding Citizens are members who are Buy Black Movement "Supporters" (monthly purchasers) prior to the final public release of the website.

Then, live on the call, they logged in for the first time. Their responses were priceless! Many Founding Citizens were in awe of what they saw. Some of them shared their thoughts online in the new Garvey Nation Online Community for Citizens:

"My first impression of Garvey Nation was an amazing feeling of freedom for my race." - Robin Bonner, New York

"A whole new Black World! Its amazing!" - Dorothy L. Bonner, California

"I’m speechless! This is awesome and amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! For this, for us!!" - Nevada

"Garvey Nation is Breath Taking. Like a Breath of Fresh Air." - Robert Thompson, Florida

"I absolutely feel at home!" - Cassondra Ceaser, California

"I feel like I remember this from a previous life or something! It is surreal. I am infatuated with the beauty and impressed with the amount of info that is available and accessible with ease! This is my new favorite thing!" - Chezyown Menasheh, Texas

"I am SOOOOO Proud to be a Citizen in Garvey Nation" - Joyce Cole, California

"Garvey Nation is absolutely fantastic! I truly love everything that I’ve seen on this platform so far!" - Sister Ayoka, New York

"Blacktastic!!!! A place for us to be us!!!" - Toni Hughes, California

"I have searched everywhere and this is the most beautiful web site on the net, and to top it off, it's all Black." - Giddel Yisrael, Georgia

Now that Beta Testing is underway, the final release of the website to the general public is in the near future.

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