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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Janice Sabb Motherland's Gold Moringa Body Butter

I really enjoy using Motherland's Gold Moringa Body Butters. They give me a very smooth finish to my skin without leaving me feeling greasy. The butter quickly penetrates my skin leaving it feeling silky, soft and smooth to the touch. The fragrance smells great and last the entire day.

People often ask me what am I wearing and tell me that it smells sooo good. I tell them that I am wearing Motherland's Gold Moringa Body Butter!

When it is time to do my laundry, I pick up my clothes and I ask myself, wow, what is that fragrance? And then I remember, oh, it Motherland's Gold Moringa Body Butter. The clothes smells so good, I almost do not want to wash them.

Each of the fragrances are very unique and last long without overpowering me. I know because I am super sensitive to perfume. I can wear the body butters and know that I smell great and that my skin is nourished with pure natural ingredients. For me, this is indeed a true skin trip!

- J. S.

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