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Monday, July 8, 2019

Brian Lewis Motherland's Gold Moringa Leaf Powder

I am a 12-year vegan. Overall, I feel great! However, a couple of the downsides for me has been soft fingernails and slow hair growth. I have been taking Motherland's Gold Moringa for a little over a month now. My nails have hardened up and my hair is growing again! Gotta rock that fro now y'all!

In addition to that, my brother who has been diagnosed with severe high blood pressure, ran out of medicine. He didn't realize it for 5 days. He had been taking Motherland's Gold Moringa for about 2 weeks. Normally, he would experience a spike after one day. But his pressure was normal. So he decided not to refill his prescription. I am sold forever!

- B. L.

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