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Talmadge Hayer
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Black History Vault

SEARCH: 2000 Results 1 through 10 of 49

Black Eagles: WWII Tuskegee Airmen

Action-filled 90-minute theatrical documentary of how The Tuskegee Airmen Shot Jim Crow Out of the Skies. A true WWII story starring the real heroes themselves: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Edward C. Gleed...

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

Black Hollywood: The Way It Was

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

Smiley and West Radio Interview - June 21, 2013

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

TBJ Thank God Promo

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

TBJ-The Magnificent 114

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

Thank God: An AfroAmerican DocuOpera

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

The Magnificent 114: Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

Tony Brown discusses the Illuminati

Episode 0, Aired in 2000

The Evolution of Sammy Davis, Jr.

It's 1983 and Sammy Davis reflects on his television interview with me in 1971. Sammy Davis says, "I’ve survived where other cats would have been down the tubes. A lot of people don’t like themselve...

Episode 1402, Aired in 2000

One-On-One with Lester Thurow - Part 2

In Part II of this two-part series on "Making America Work For U. S.," Dr. Thurow charts his step by step process to eliminate the nation's multi-billion dollar deficit. One of the highlights of hi...

Episode 1515, Aired in 2000

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One-On-One with Lester Thurow - Part 2
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Gone But Not Forgotten
Is The Black Vote For Sale?
Race Preference or Race Help?
Are Black/Jewish Relations As Bad As We Thought?
The Debt Bomb
Is Cultural Diversity A Good Idea?
Visions and Images of the Struggle of Old
Reflections of MLK
Finishing The Century
Your Money With A Twist
Should Blacks Separate from the U.S.?
The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP
A LEAD-ing Chance
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South Africa: Is Time Running Out
Black Leader's Summit 1972 - Part 2
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