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Training Program

Receive priceless, detailed training on
how to become a high-paid speaker and author


Learn all about the business of speaking and writing in this ongoing training class. Training topics include:

Organizing Your Business
• Getting started as a speaker
• Creating a gameplan

How to Produce Products
• Writing your book
• Creating CDs and DVDs
• Self-Publishing

• Planning your presentation
• Recording / filming

Marketing Your Speaking Business
• Keys to building a website
• Promoting via social media
• Delivering conference calls

How To Get Booked To Speak
• Negotiating the Deal
• Written Contracts
• Finding the money

and much, much more...


Each month, attend or watch live, 2-hour training classes on the business of speaking and writing. Learn one subject per class, in great detail. Each class is designed to not only teach you the information, but to make sure than you understand and can apply what you are learning. Best of all, each class is fun, entertaining, inspiring and motivating, all at the same time. Each class will challenge you to take your speaking and writing career to a completely new level!

You have the option of either attending each live class in person in Atlanta, Georgia, or watching the live class online on your computer, iPad or iPhone, using a high-speed Internet connection.

Missed a live class? No problem? Watch the replay online.

Each monthly class is recorded and posted online, generally within 48 hours of the class. The full library of all past classes is available to you once you enroll. Watch the replay of classes online from the comfort of your own home or office, anytime, 24 hours per day, using a high speed Internet connection. Watch on your computer, iPad or iPhone.

As the old saying goes, "Repetition is the mother of learning". One of the greatest features of this SuccessQuest training course, is that you can watch each recorded class over and over again. This aids in your understanding and helps you to better retain the information. Truly master the business of speaking of writing by viewing these classes as many times as you like.


Dial in and participate in exciting student-only conference calls once per month. On these interactive calls, your instructor will summarize the lessons of the previous class. Also, students will discuss how they have successfully applied the information. Furthermore, additional lessons may be delivered on these calls as well.

From time to time, you may have questions about the lessons or how to apply them to your career. What makes these calls so valuable is that you can get your questions answered. There is usually time for Question & Answer at the end of every student-only conference call.

Best of all, you get to interact with the instructor and the other students who participate on the call. Your fellow students usually share the many insights they have gained from applying what they learned in the previous class. This can be very inspiring. These interactive discussions can take your understanding of the subject matter to a new level.


SuccessQuest Speaker's Bootcamps are the ultimate training experience for aspiring speakers & authors. They are two-day training events held twice per year, on a Saturday & Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia. Up and coming speakers and authors come from all over the world to attend. During these two-intense days, you receive detailed training on the business of speaking and writing.

Tickets to the SuccessQuest Speaker's Bootcamp range from $297 to $497 per person. As a member of this SuccessQuest Ongoing Training Program, your ticket price starts at $297 and reduces by $50 for each consecutive month that you are a member of the program, until free. Once free, you may attend up to two bootcamps per year at no cost. You may also bring your spouse OR child over 18 years of age, free or charge.
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