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Live Broadcast Logo TAG TEAM Marketing broadcasts events live on TAG TEAM Marketing TV for Black Business Network members all over the world to view. You can watch our live Internet broadcasts just like watching regular television, but on your computer screen.

To view a Live Internet Broadcast on TAG TEAM Marketing TV, just register for the event. Then, at event time, visit www.BlackBusinessNetwork.com, log into your account, go to the TAG TEAM Marketing TV section and you will see a red, blinking VIEW LIVE BROADCAST button under the name of your event. Click it and the live event video will begin playing on your computer screen.

Below are a few tips for getting the best possible reception:

  1. Use an Up To Date, Modern Computer

    Computer technology changes very fast. Newer computers play Internet video better than many older computers. Though just about any computer (Windows, Macintosh or other) will work to play Internet Video, use the newest computer you have available to watch the TAG TEAM Live Internet TV Broadcast. The minimum computer requirements are a 450 Mhz Pentium II processor (or equivalent) and at least 128mb of RAM.

  2. Use a High-Speed Internet Connection

    The faster and more stable your Internet connection, the better. Use a high-speed cable (from your cable TV company) or DSL (from your phone company) Internet connection. If you have a T-1 connection at your business, even better. Dial-up Internet connections or G3 Wireless Internet cards may work, but the video or audio may be "choppy". WiMax Internet cards work better. Get the fastest, most reliable Internet connection possible..

  3. Install the Latest Adobe Flash Player

    Get Flash Player
    TAG TEAM Marketing TV Live Internet Broadcasts uses Adobe Flash player to play video on your computer screen. Chances are, you already have Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer. Adobe's Flash Player works with both Windows and Macintosh computers as well as most others. CLICK HERE to get the newest Adobe Flash Player.

  4. Broadcast on LaptopClose Other Programs On Your Computer

    For the best possible viewing experience, only use your computer to watch the TAG TEAM Live Internet TV Broadcast. Close down other programs like email programs, other websites, word processors, etc. Other programs that use the your computer at the same time, may affect the picture or sound quality of the broadcast.

  5. Use Your Internet Connection All By Yourself

    Many people use a shared Internet connection, where others in your home can use the Internet at the same time. The more others use your Internet connection during the broadcast, the less speed is available for you to view the broadcast. Reduced speed can lead to choppy picture or sound. For best possible results, use your Internet connection all by yourself when viewing a TAG TEAM Live Internet TV Broadcast.

  6. Connect Speakers to your Computer

    Most computers have built-in speakers. Though built-in speakers do an adequate job, they may not give you the full experience of the TAG TEAM Live Internet TV Broadcast. Great sound is a big part of a TAG TEAM event. With a good speakers playing at a good volume, you can clearly hear and experience the presenter, the audience and the music that is played in the presentation. Consider getting a good set of speakers with a sub-woofer that you can attach to your computer. Good computer speakers are available at most computer stores.

  7. Watch the Event in a Place Where You Won't Be Interrupted

    Make sure you are in a place where you can watch and participate in the entire event. If you are in a place with lots of distractions (people walking by, noises, interruptions, etc.), it could take away from the experience. Also, watch the TAG TEAM Live Internet TV Broacast in a place where you can watch, cheer, listen, talk, and participate freely. Treat the broadcast like you are attending the event in person.

  8. Participate in the Event

    During the event, you may be called on to repeat certain points out loud, role play, dance, cheer and the like. Make sure and do all of these things when asked and really participate 100% in the TAG TEAM event. These exercises are a very important part of the TAG TEAM experience.

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