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TAG TEAM TV Live Internet BroadcastHere are a few questions that are frequently asked about TAG TEAM's Live Internet TV Broadcast:

  • Can I watch the Live Internet Broadcast on my Apple Macintosh computer?

    Yes, you can watch the broadcast on an Applie Macintosh computer. As a matter of fact, you can watch on any computer that has Adobe's Flash Player. Flash player works with most web browsers too, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, AOL and Opera, and comes pre-installed on most computers.

  • Can I pause, replay or record the Live Internet Broadcast on my computer?

    No. The Live Internet TV Broadcast is a live viewing of a TAG TEAM event as it happens. The event MAY be made available for replay online later (possibly for a fee). Any recording or duplication of the event is strictly prohibited.

  • Is Watching The Event on the Internet The Same As Being There?

    No. But, it's the next best thing. There is nothing better than attending a TAG TEAM event live. There, you get to work with the presenter in the same room, feel the energy of the crowd, make new friends and participate in the exercises with all of the other students. If possible, you should always attend a TAG TEAM event in person.

    But, if you CAN'T get to the event in person, then watching the event live on the Internet is the next best thing. It's similar to watching a live sporting event on television. One of the greatest advantages of watching the event live on the Internet is that you get the best seat in the house... a front-row seat. You get to see everything that is happening, as it happens, from multiple camera angles. You get to hear the speaker, the audience and all that is going on, sometimes better than the people that are actually there. Also, you are full control of the sound. You can turn it up and turn it down if you need to. Furthermore, you don't have to get dressed up to attend the event, since you are watching in the comfort of your own home. It's truly a great way to experience a TAG TEAM event live as it happens.

  • Can Some of My Friends Come Over And Watch The Broadcast With Me?

    Yes, but EACH person must register to attend the TAG TEAM event. This is the most important rule of the TAG TEAM Live Internet Broadcast. As a matter of fact, experiencing the TAG TEAM event is better when you have at least one person to experience it with. During the event, you may be called on to role play with partners, work with groups and participate in team exercises.

  • Can I use my one viewing pass to view the Live Internet Broadcast on more than one computer?

    No. Each registration is for one computer. You can watch the TAG TEAM Live Internet TV Broadcast on one computer only. If you want a second computer to play the broadcast, you will have to register another person.

  • Once I register for the event, how do I watch it?

    At start time, go to www.BlackBusinessNetwork.com and log into your account. Click on the TAG TEAM Marketing TV button located on the main menu above. You will then see a blinking red button on the page that says VIEW LIVE BROADCAST. Click the button, and you will be able to see and hear the event playing on your computer screen.

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