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Illustrated Reference Bible - 1st Edition
brought to you by:
My Bible Culture
Marlon McLean, Managing Director
My Bible Culture is a unique, Bible-based education company who provide user-friendly and inspirational media for families who desire to see the growth and development of self-worth and positive self-image in their children.


Get INSPIRED by this historically accurate Bible!

The Illustrated Reference Bible is a full, King James version Bible, complete with beautiful illustrations throughout the Bible showing biblical characters as they actually appeared back in ancient times. See beautiful African images of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and many, many more throughout the Bible. This is the most historically accurate Bible ever produced.

The Illustrated Reference Bible has been called gorgeous, stunning, eye opening,... inspiring!  Get ready to be truly moved by what you see, feel and experience when you hold this Bible in your hand. It is a MUST for every Black household who studies the Bible.

This Bible is divided into 7 colour-coded sections which group together the various books of the Bible. Each section starts with several, full-color illustrated pages featuring images of the major events of that section and people of the time. These images are powerful to say the least.

Also found within the sections are comic-style pages which act as a summary of popular biblical events. These comic pages assist in clarifying the story and creating interest in reading the scriptures. It is said that, "a picture is worth 1,000 words". The ability for readers to "see" the story helps to better understand what is being read. Reading these stories with your children help youth to become more engaged and better understand biblical history. Our visual aids are designed to help simplify studying the Holy Scriptures.

Whether a child or an adult, a teacher or a pastor, the Illustrated Reference Bible will make studying the Bible fun and inspiring!

Many of our customers use the illustrated pages by reading them as bedtime stories to their children. The stories and the images of Black people can be very inspiring for African children and adults alike.


Whether for you, for your child, for your church or for Bible study, get an Illustrated Reference Bible and learn the Holy Scriptures like never before!

* CLOSEOUT - These Bibles contain slight imperfections and are in near-perfect condition. There are out of print and will not be printed again. Get one of the last first edition Illustrated Reference Bibles before they are all gone.


This product is not currently available for purchase

Customer Testimonials

C. G.

OMG, I recently received my Illustrated Reference Bible! It is so…beautiful and I love how the characters look just like ME!

I have to be honest, I have never been one to sit down and read the Bible, mainly because it was so darn hard to understand! I always admired those that could quote versus and rattle off chapters. Well, I found myself being able to do it too! I’m having so much fun, having conversations with my Bible study friends.

Thank you to the Black creators of this Illustrated Reference Bible. I think it should be in the homes of every Black family!

C. G.

L. B.

I purchased the Illustrated Reference Bible and I love it. I enjoy it and it is a wonderful reference. I am so proud to have a wonderful product like this in the Buy Black Movement to introduce to my friends. I bask in the delightful reaction when they see it and learn that it is an available item in the movement.

I like that it is color coded to assist those of us that are not students of the Bible to easily use it as a reference. It is very user friendly, most specifically for the young people. Through our creativity, we can use it as a teaching tool for the young because it depicts truthful images of Biblical characters and it gives a synopsis of the books at the beginning of each section. The Illustrated Reference Bible is just a grand piece of work. It is obvious that a lot of thought was put into bringing it to fruition.

I will cherish this wonderful piece and pass it on so that it becomes an heirloom in my family. Every family should have at least one of these Illustrated Reference Bibles in their home. It is a masterpiece. Thank you to the creators of this Bible and thank you TAG TEAM Marketing for making it a part of the Buy Black Movement. Peace and blessings.

L. B.

C. B.

I just received my Illustrated Reference Bible order and I am blown away with the clean, crisp look of the entire book, especially the cover. The user friendly layout can be mastered by our children as well as our elderly. The attention to detail is second to none. The color illustrations are of the highest quality and they jump off the page.

The Illustrated Reference Bible is a keepsake that should be part of every Black family. I am going to continue to show all my friends and family my copy with pride.

C. B.

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