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Shepherd's Harvest Luxury Diabetic Tea
brought to you by:
The Shepherd's Harvest
David Grissett, Founder/President
We are a Dietary/Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Tea Company. We grow a portion of our raw material, we use organic farming and a patented drying process. This gives maximum benefits.


Try our amazing "Luxury Diabetic Tea". It contains a delicate blend of Moringa, Mulberry, Soursop, Alaskan Ginseng, and Stevia leaf. These ingredients contain the most powerful herbs on Earth, which may help fight diabetes. Each of the ingredients are known for their amazing properties.

This great blend may: support and boost the immune system, support a healthy pancreas, help to stabilize blood sugar levels, detox and support the liver. Stevia leaves add natural sweetness without sugar.

Our Luxury Diabetic Tea is:

  • 100% all natural product
  • non-GMO
  • rich in antioxidants and minerals
  • prominent in vitamins (A through E)
  • prominent in minerals (Iron, Zinc and Magnesium)

This tea also may support:

  • more stable blood sugar levels
  • less indigestion
  • a more restful sleep
  • more energy throughout the day

This tea is 'loose leaf', meaning there are no individual tea bags or added ingredients. To use, just add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per 6 ounces of hot water. Let steep for at least 20 minutes and enjoy! You may also use a tea infuser (shown in photo, but not included).

This Luxury Diabetic Tea is a great tea to add to your cupboard or medicine cabinet. Try it today and notice the difference natural herbal tea can make.

Resource(s): https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22103446/

Props not included. 



moringa leaves, stevia leaves, wilb mulberry leaves, soursop (graviola), alaskan ginseng

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Customer Testimonials

W. B.

That Luxury Diabetic Tea is amazing! I make a cup, twice-a-day, and it tastes good and is good for me. I don't even have to add any sweetener.

Don't let the size of the bag fool you. Each serving packs a healthy punch.  Also, if you are feeling like you've gunked out from binge eating, or want a nice detox or are feeling "under-the-weather", just have two cups of Luxury Diabetic Tea and see the miracle happen! It will change your life, starting with cleaning your temple (your body). It will smile and thank you.

W. B.

N. T.

OMG!!! Luxury Diabetic Tea is a great product!

When I first opened up the bag, the smell was so fresh and earthy. Then, I made a cup and it was the best tasting tea I had ever tasted! I didn’t even put any sugar in it, yet it still tasted sweet. What a amazing product! I LOVE Luxury Diabetic Tea!

Thank you Shepherd's Harvest!!

N. T.

M. J.

"Probably about the last 3 months, I've been feeling like... weird.

My fingers start tingling. My hands get numb. Parts of my body get numb.  My toes get numb sometimes. I'll be laying in the bed and all of a sudden, I can't feel my toes. Or, I get really cold and things like that. And, I haven't been to the doctor about it. I just recently got insurance. And so, it kinda started frightening me.

Once I found out about the tea... I joined the (Buy Black) Movement around 3 months ago... and I said, 'you know what'..."

Voice (Which tea?)

"It was the Luxury Diabetic tea."

"And so, I was like, 'Maybe this is Diabetes. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to take the tea just to see if it works.

And so, probably about a month ago, I started taking the tea and drinking it. And, every now and then I'd be sitting somewhere and I would start getting that feeling again, and my hands would get numb, and my toes would get numb and I would get kind of cold. And I would say, 'Well, let me go drink this cup of tea and see if it really works'.

As soon as I drink that tea, the symptoms instantly dissappear... instantly dissapper. And so, the last two weeks, I've been drinking that tea, probably maybe every other day, and I haven't had that feeling in the last, I want to say maybe, two or three weeks.

So, I do believe that this tea definitely works. And for anybody that has Diabetes or symptoms of Diabetes, I believe that this can definitely help you versus that medicine that is killing us. So, Shepherd's Harvest Luxury Diabetic tea, yall."

M. J.

S. R.

The Shepherd's Harvest Luxury Diabetic Tea is a keeper! I am a pre-diabetic and I work a lot of hours per day. This little tea has brought me back to life throughout my day! I feel the balance in my body taking place after I drink a cup of Luxury Diabetic Tea in the morning.

Thank you Buy Black Movement and Brother David for putting together this amazing tea for us.

S. R.

T. W.

I love the Luxury Diabetic Tea. The tea brings a calming effect. I recommend taking this tea after arriving home from work and you are planning to stay in for the night. I add a tablespoon of honey, or cane sugar (sugar in the raw). I even tried it without anything and it was great. I plan on trying some of the other teas as well. Great tea!!

T. W.

D. W.

I love the Luxury Diabetic Tea. Though I don't have diabetes, the ingredients of this tea have so many great health benefits, that I wanted to try it. I put some leaves in a cup, poured hot water over it, covered the cup and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, I drank it and I was so pleasantly surprised by the wonderful taste! The tea contains stevia leaves which makes the tea naturally sweet. I didn't have to add any sugar or honey and it is still quite sweet and absolutely delicious!  Best of all, the tea made my body feel and work great. It seems to have a light cleansing effect and aids in both digestion and elimiation. Also, I noticed that I slept very well after drinking the tea. I am really impressed with this Luxury Diabetic Tea and plan to drink it regularly.

D. W.

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