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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Salimah Abdullah-King Achieves HONORED AFRIKAN!

Salimah Abdullah-King Honored Afrikan

Last night, Salimah Abdullah-King from Douglasville, Georgia became the third person to achieve the level of Honored Afrikan in the Buy Black Movement. Honored Afrikan status is awarded to Buy Black Movement Supporters (monthly purchasers) who purchase at least 10,000 points worth of Black-made products over time, without missing a month.

Salimah became a Buy Black Movement Supporter back in May 2016 and has been a true pioneer of the movement. Within months of becoming a Supporter, Salimah began purchasing over 100 points worth of Black-made products each month. At the time, the highest recognized level was 50 points per month. As a direct result of Salimah's purchasing, TAG TEAM Marketing added the Supporter 100 level to the program which added benefits for Supporters who commit to purchase 100 points or more worth of products each month..

Salimah has been a source of inspiration to Buy Black Movement members all over the world. Her enthusiastic testimonials about Buy Black Movement products on conference calls and videos have been listened to and viewed by thousands of members worldwide.

Billy Lee Felder William Rent Salimah Abdullah-King
Billy Lee

Salimah joins Honorable Billy Lee Felder and Honorable William Rent as the only Buy Black Movement Supporters to achieve Honored Afrikan so far! Salimah will hereafter officially be recognized in the Buy Black Movement as "Honorable Salimah Abdullah-King".

Salimah, Billy Lee and William will be formally promoted to Honored Afrikan at our Honored Afrikan Coronation Ceremony during our TAG Awards event at our August 2023 TAG TEAM Marketing Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

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