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Friday, September 9, 2022

Katherine Myers Ebony Secret Miracle Skin Conditioner

Ebony Secret cleared up my grandson’s eczema and made it go away forever!

His mother told me that all of her children are born with it. I said to myself, “Not on my watch” because I had heard that Ebony Secret clears up Black skin issues. My grandson had a break out in the folds of his forearms. It was pretty bad. The area became gooey and oozing off his skin.

I began applying Ebony Secret to the effected areas. Within a few days, I started seeing the eczema drying up until the area healed completely. However, you still could see the area where the breakout had occurred. So I kept on applying the Ebony Secret and soon the skin there healed and changed back to his natural skin tone! After that I remember that my grandson had complained about the area being itchy. Once again I applied the Ebony Secret . After that incident, he has not experienced any discomfort or breakouts with eczema.

Ebony Secret has saved my grandson from a life of discomfort and problem skin. Thank you TAG TEAM Marketing for delivering such outstanding, life-giving products!

- K. M.

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