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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Katherine Myers Afro Botanicals Moringa Aloe Soap

Afro Botanical’s Moringa Aloe Soap has truly changed my skin. The first time I used it on my face my face was smooth, soft, and moisturized. I immediately felt and saw the difference. I tend to get dark spots around my chin and neck. Those dark spots have substantially gone away. So much so that when I was out with a dear friend recently she asked me what kind of foundation I was using on my face. To my surprise, I was not wearing any foundation or makeup on that day. I let her know that I was not wearing any makeup and that I am using Afro Botanical’s Moringa Aloe Soap to help clear up my skin!

Thank you TAG TEAM for introducing Black products that work for Black skin.

- K. M.

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