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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Hassana Shareef

I was invited to join the Buy Black Movement over one year ago and I quickly became a Supporter to purchase Black-made products monthly.

My first purchase was the Motherland Moringa Pain Relief Remedy. I used it to help relieve the back pain and spasms in my thighs and legs. I used it daily, three times a day and right before bedtime. After consistently using it for two-three weeks, I noticed the pain and spasms were becoming less and less. After 6 months, the pain was gone!

I continued to purchase more bottles along with other products each month as a Supporter. At one point, I didn't think that I needed anymore products for a while, so I quit the monthly Supporter Program.

I didn't fully understanding the Supporter Program. I didn't realize that I would lose all of the Supporter points that I had accumulated. Furthermore, I didn't realize how important the Supporter Program was.

I later learned that being a Supporter wasn't only about me getting great quality products, but rather it is a major part of the Buy Black Movement's goal of getting millions of Black people buying from Black-owned businesses consistently. I learned how by being a Supporter who buys Black consistently, helps to bring our Black dollars back into our Black communities which impacts us all as a Black race. So I joined back up as a Supporter!

I also joined the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity, so I could be a part of the group of Black people who promote the Buy Black Movement and the Supporter Program to others. I love being a TAG TEAM Marketer because I know that I am making a difference in the lives of Black people.

- H. S.

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