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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Alesia Bishop Motherland's Gold Moringa Capsules

I have a customer that was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 3 years ago, with a high PSA test and a biopsy. He got a second opinion that confirmed the existence of cancer.

He started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa and The Shepherd's Harvest Muscadine Grape Skin capsules in October 2019.

He had a MRI in June and a MRI biopsy in July 16, 2020, to confirm where the Prostate Cancer had localized, before starting 6 weeks of radiation treatments. During the MRI biopsy, the doctor took 3 samples of the area they saw abnormal tissue cells and 12 samples of the rest of the prostate and on July 21, 2020, NO CANCER CELLS WERE FOUND!

- A. B.

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